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Small Stakes NL Hold'em

Small Stakes ($25NL and lower): Basic No-Limit Hold'em strategies and general NLH discussions.
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Complete Spoonitnow Strategy Anthology

(05/16/13) - The Process of Learning in Poker(Discussion Thread) (05/23/13) - Applications and Limitations of the Alpha Value(Discussion Thread)...

Started by spoonitnow, 04-05-2015 07:07 PM
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07-18-2015 07:44 PM

Sticky Thread Sticky: SSNL Digest (Best Threads. Start here)

Special thanks to RPM for putting this together. Here are links to the most helpful and popular articles written by our own forum members for...

Started by jyms, 01-12-2014 03:18 PM
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09-10-2014 08:59 AM

Sticky Thread Sticky: Poker Sites for US Players.

The situation for USA players at the moment is quite fluid as more states open up to regulated poker sites and some states ban players from sites.The...

Started by Keith, 04-11-2014 04:57 AM
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09-02-2014 01:45 PM

2nl JJ bvb 3b pot

Winning Poker Network (Yatahay) - $0.02 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 4 Hero (SB): 118 BB BB: 100 BB (VPIP:...

Started by WeldPhaser, 02-16-2017 02:29 PM
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02-17-2017 04:50 PM

2NL 15k Hands check

Ok, little intro first: I´ve played before all the way up to 200NL. Life got in the way, I now have a family, a house and a lot less time to...

Started by settecba, 02-06-2017 11:53 PM
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02-13-2017 10:50 AM

2nl JTo in sb 3b pot BB cold calls

just wanna put this hand out there. cause i think it was a pretty stupid play, but also very easily overlooked when a 3b gets cold called and also...

Started by WeldPhaser, 02-12-2017 12:21 AM
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02-13-2017 10:40 AM

10NL - River - hand check?

Hi guys, Some hand I wanted a check. Villain is one of the best players at my level. Might see me at weak/tight or maybe not, really don't know....

Started by jimmy44, 02-11-2017 12:12 PM
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02-12-2017 09:08 AM

2NL River Call/Fold?

Villain is LAG Fish 35/16/5.9 over 43 hands. WTSD 27% and W$SD 33%. He has donked 3/5 times before. Unfortunately I did not see what he had those...

Started by settecba, 02-07-2017 10:34 PM
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02-11-2017 03:05 PM

Moved: Hey guys

Started by a_ntemage, 02-09-2017 06:04 PM
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02-09-2017 06:04 PM

2nl 66 in sb vs unknown

Winning Poker Network (Yatahay) - $0.02 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 4 MP: $2.00 (VPIP: 29.07, PFR: 24.71, 3Bet...

Started by WeldPhaser, 01-26-2017 10:34 PM
Replies: 9 Views: 442
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02-03-2017 11:03 AM

2nl AA in CO vs nitish flat on BU

WPN, $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 5 Players Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. SB: $2.11 (105.5...

Started by WeldPhaser, 01-31-2017 12:39 AM
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02-01-2017 12:21 PM

2nl 65s in limped pot.. flop ?

Winning Poker Network (Yatahay) - $0.02 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 4 CO: $3.16 (VPIP: 50.00, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet...

Started by WeldPhaser, 01-25-2017 11:04 PM
Replies: 6 Views: 328
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02-01-2017 11:19 AM

20NL - 2nd river decision (3bet pot)

And here's the 2nd hand: Only had about 20 hands on villain. He's stats were something like 33/30/2 over those hands. No specific history until...

Started by jimmy44, 01-18-2017 03:26 PM
Replies: 11 Views: 597
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01-26-2017 03:37 AM

20NL - river decision

Hi guys, What do you think about these hands? Villain was running at 25/22/4 over 300 hands (WTSD% = 25). No real history, some pots he won,...

Started by jimmy44, 01-18-2017 02:28 PM
Replies: 12 Views: 552
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01-24-2017 07:33 AM

2nl KQo in SB, 3b pot on coordinated board

Winning Poker Network (Yatahay) - $0.02 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 4 Hero (SB): $2.12 BB: $0.90 (VPIP:...

Started by WeldPhaser, 01-22-2017 04:54 AM
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01-22-2017 10:02 PM

Some 4bet spots

Hi guys, Lately I got into some weird 4bet pots where villain called the 4bet, I guess it's a pretty gross to call unless I'm pretty weird at the...

Started by jimmy44, 12-18-2016 04:11 PM
Replies: 7 Views: 537
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01-18-2017 12:47 PM

Just a hand that i need some input on...

Opponent was an aggro nutball. Making odd bluffs, etc... 68.8/43.7 64.7% AGG Hand History driven straight to this forum with DriveHUD Poker HUD &...

Started by Gamerlife, 12-14-2016 07:04 PM
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12-22-2016 07:18 PM

Three 3b hands 1 villain.

Just getting back to playing, first time posting in years. Hand 1: Villain seemed to be standard TAG with large 3 bet range who was not crazy...

Started by Donkafelts, 12-19-2016 04:31 PM
Replies: 9 Views: 451
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12-20-2016 11:47 AM

Some hands review

Hi guys, I'd like your advice on some hands: 1. Villain was pretty agro pre and post flop (not maniac though) The question here is how often...

Started by jimmy44, 12-05-2016 03:00 PM
Replies: 8 Views: 642
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12-19-2016 04:14 AM

Baby Raising

I'll bet you saw the title and thought this was a thread about formula and diapers. Actually I'm curious about the itty bitty little raises that...

Started by BananaStand, 12-07-2016 03:55 PM
Replies: 3 Views: 384
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12-13-2016 02:34 AM

My friend thinks I should always fire a 2nd barrel on gutshots...I don't.

First of all, my friend has a very low opinion of my abilities as a poker player. Extremely low. He thinks of all the poker players he knows in his...

Started by JimmyS1985, 05-16-2016 02:42 AM
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12-09-2016 03:30 PM

Feeling Good

After a three month hiatus and some personal changes in life, I have started taking a bunch of hands here online again and feeling really good. I'm...

Started by BigSlickBaby, 01-26-2015 05:56 AM
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12-03-2016 02:37 PM

Easy call or fold??

Hi guys, It's been a while since I played poker, something like 5 years I think! :) Trying to play a bit at the micros. Not many reads on...

Started by jimmy44, 11-20-2016 05:53 AM
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12-02-2016 07:13 AM

Line check KJdd

Playing 10NL on ACR Hero has KJdd 5 handed, folds to hero who opens $.40 from the BTN with KJdd SB raises to $1.30. BB folds. Hero calls(?)...

Started by BananaStand, 11-21-2016 04:14 PM
Replies: 11 Views: 839
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12-02-2016 07:13 AM

No Money Microstakes, Everybody's Solid

I had the idea for this thread a while back, and finally decided to make it. Post your microstakes hands that make you lololol at poker because your...

Started by spoonitnow, 01-07-2011 05:53 PM
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11-14-2016 07:19 PM

I stacked my poker coach/mentor tonight on Ignition

My poker coach runs a poker chat group on skype. I take part in it everyday. He does have a kind of controlling personality when it comes to...

Started by JimmyS1985, 10-02-2016 09:27 AM
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11-14-2016 11:34 AM

Donk betting the turn

I've been making use of this play a lot, when I feel I'm in a situation that donk betting is superior to check/calling and check/raising, and check...

Started by JimmyS1985, 11-06-2016 04:57 AM
Replies: 5 Views: 973
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11-08-2016 10:00 PM

Could I have played these hands different, that was also better?

After 4 years of online poker, i finally seem to have found a pool of players with vastly inferior skills at the poker table, mixed with my most...

Started by JimmyS1985, 09-26-2016 05:05 AM
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09-27-2016 01:43 AM

$1.26 an hour

Actually, EV adjusted HEM2 says it's really $.43 an hour, or in other words, probably below sweatshop wages. Hell prisoners working for practically...

Started by JimmyS1985, 09-11-2016 04:06 PM
Replies: 20 Views: 1,902
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09-23-2016 01:58 PM

Question about PFRing size and V-Betting/Bluffing Aces on Flop/Turn


Started by JimmyS1985, 09-11-2016 06:51 PM
Replies: 3 Views: 764
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09-12-2016 11:12 PM

What's a good hand range to re-steal from BB?

Haven't really seen this information too far, currently I probably 3bet too little as I find people often do seem to call 3bets very wide at 25nl and...

Started by JimmyS1985, 09-02-2016 02:00 PM
Replies: 3 Views: 896
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09-11-2016 08:00 PM

I lost $650 last night playing mostly 50nl and a little 100nl

I have an issue with not respecting 4bets when it's say BTN vs BB/SB or SB/BB vs BTN, or SB vs BB when I have hands like AKo and QQ I'm following...

Started by JimmyS1985, 08-08-2016 10:32 AM
Replies: 4 Views: 1,338
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08-13-2016 02:48 AM

Free Coaching on Twitch!

I'll be streaming and would like to give out some free coaching! For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm reDZill4 on PokerStars and the former...

Started by aka_red, 07-24-2016 07:41 PM
Replies: 4 Views: 1,231
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08-09-2016 06:44 AM

Thin value-shove on turn, raised flop TPTK, 50nl 6-max Bovada

I only had 13 hands on this guy, and in a previous hand, it was something like a limped pot, I flopped 2nd pair, I bet, and he raised me and I...

Started by JimmyS1985, 07-16-2016 02:35 PM
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07-17-2016 06:03 PM

My Poker professional friend judges his other friends based on their skills at poker

Just an irritating conversation. I can't talk back to him, or he'll jump down my throat, or he'll block me for months at a time or threaten to quit...

Started by JimmyS1985, 06-25-2016 01:55 AM
Replies: 15 Views: 2,566
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07-14-2016 04:52 PM

Mental game fish - what works for you?

So, now my workload has died down, I've returned to poker recently and still exhibiting the same type of cash game graph i.e. steady upswings,...

Started by The Bean Counter, 06-20-2016 09:48 AM
Replies: 7 Views: 1,408
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07-08-2016 07:50 PM

BCing the River (5 handed 6max Bovada 25nl)

SO one of my biggest leaks is probably Bet Calling the river. I haven't looked it up lately but I think last time I checked I was losing 1000bb/100...

Started by JimmyS1985, 06-22-2016 05:49 PM
Replies: 5 Views: 1,195
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06-26-2016 10:00 PM

How do you guys deal with this much runbad?

I would have to say that this month of June, is the WORST MONTH I'VE EVER HAD IN POKER. Now granted I'm not a high stakes player, but I don't see...

Started by JimmyS1985, 06-23-2016 06:08 AM
Replies: 9 Views: 1,350
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06-23-2016 02:17 PM

Is it ok to 5bet jam PF in this spot? (50nl 5 handed Bovada 6-max)

Granted the results were good but I try not to be results oriented over the vast majority of my hand samples (obviously I'm a tad results oriented if...

Started by JimmyS1985, 06-23-2016 07:46 AM
Replies: 7 Views: 1,184
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06-23-2016 02:03 PM

AA $10NL whats your line?

Not posted in a loooooong time. back trying my hand at cash. Just wondering what your line is here on the river? player was quite tight. thanks...

Started by Random_Hero, 06-16-2016 05:28 PM
Replies: 33 Views: 4,260
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06-23-2016 10:18 AM

Slow playing Aces with 100bb stack against Whale oop 5 handed 25nl Bovada 6max

I don't normally advocate slowplaying strong over pairs when you're deep stacked in a cash game, particularly oop, as a general rule of thumb I...

Started by JimmyS1985, 06-14-2016 09:28 AM
Replies: 4 Views: 1,038
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06-15-2016 10:26 AM

NL5-Unsuccessful resteal situation

Poker Stars, $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 8 Players Hero (SB): $5.14 (102.8 bb) BB: $5.97 (119.4 bb) UTG+2: $3.46 (69.2 bb) MP1: $4.29...

Started by placebo, 06-09-2016 02:39 PM
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06-13-2016 09:56 AM

30nl Snap: line check and river decision?

Hudless, but read on villain is that he's an average reg for the stakes i.e. little bit fishy. Villain probably views us the same. 100bb effective. ...

Started by The Bean Counter, 06-06-2016 06:46 PM
Replies: 9 Views: 1,501
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06-10-2016 03:12 PM

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