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FTR Forum Rules (MUST READ) - Updated!

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    Default FTR Forum Rules (MUST READ) - Updated!

    Here at, we aspire to have a fun and friendly atmosphere. To ensure everyone enjoys using the forum, please follow these basic rules at all times.


    • • Be polite and friendly to other members at all times
    • • Rude posts will be deleted, and consistent offenders will be disciplined
    • • Flaming, harassment, bullying, trolling, ridiculing, etc are forbidden
    • • Images of full nudity/sexual intercourse (some exceptions, e.g. Sexy Thread), grotesque violence, and other offensive/obscene material is forbidden.
    • • Please post any Not Safe for Work (NSFW) images in spoilers ([spoiler]) or as links with a notice
    • • Each member may have one account only, imitating other members for deceitful reasons or hacking accounts will be dealt with seriously.
    • • You must not use the forum for illegal activities
    • • Make sure your posts are well constructed, readable, make sense and are in English.

    Advertising and Spamming

    You must not:

    • • Advertise, promote or solicit business via any means (posts, private messaging, account names, avatars or signatures)
    • • Exceptions will be made for personal websites and blogs
    • • Advertising coaching will be allowed only if approved by the administrators

    • • Spammers will be banned
    • • Users intentionally posting malware/viruses will be banned

    Staking, Bets and Money

    Any side bets, last longers, etc of any sort entered into between members (including moderators/administrators) are personal agreements only, and do not attract any responsibility on the part of

    *These rules are subject to interpretation, and may be revised at any time. Please note that the T&C also apply: FTR Terms & Conditions

    Discipline: 3 Strikes Rule

    Violation of the above rules or prolonged nonconstructive behavior (e.g. consistent rude posts or condescending behavior) will lead to a warning being given by a moderator by private message.

    Further infractions will result in the following punishments:

    2nd offense: 24 hour temporary ban
    3rd offense: 3 day temporary ban
    4th offense: Permanent ban

    If you feel that an infraction has been unfairly given, please private message Pascal and the infraction will be reconsidered by the administrative team and the moderator in question. Previous infractions may be nullified after a prolonged period of good behavior (1 year+)

    Note: A serious breach of the rules, such as hacking or spamming advertisements, will result in an instant ban. An appeal will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. Moderators may also skip straight to a temporary ban if they feel that it is appropriate.

    If you have any issues, or see any offending posts, please use the Report Post button in the top right corner of every post:

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