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  • Double or Nothing SNGs – Part III – Bubble Play & Collusion
  • Posted by kevster on May 17, 2017
  • Disclaimer: This guide is based on my experiences of $10 & $20 DON SNGs.   Introduction This post follows on from my ‘DONs Mid-Tournament & Post Flop Play’ and looks at end game strategy based around bubble play and collusion.   Bubble Play The sole objective in a DON is…
  • TLR’s Pocket Pairs in SnG’s/Sit n Go’s
  • Posted by TLR on May 15, 2017
  • Pocket Pairs 101 Pocket pairs are considered one of the easiest types of hands to play, but as with usual with poker, nothing is really easy and straight forward. In this guide I will try to cover basic playing strategy with pocket pair, with some emphasis on specific situations that…
  • Sit-n-Go Strategy Guide Part 1
  • Posted by DavSimon on May 12, 2017
  • Several people have been after me to write down my thoughts on SnG (sit & go) tournaments. I do not claim to be an expert at one and two table tournaments; however I have enjoyed a great deal of success playing them. To clarify, my style of writing and teaching…
  • Double or Nothing SNG Advanced Strategy – Final Stages
  • Posted by nakamura on May 10, 2017
  • (125/250 + 25 and beyond) ADJUSTING TO OPPONENTS Ultimately, you are going to need to steal a lot of blinds in DONs. Premium hands don’t come along all that often, so this means you are going to be pushing an awful lot of marginal hands. Generally, you should try to…
  • vqc’s Sit-n-Go Poker Moves & Plays
  • Posted by vqc on May 8, 2017
  • *These are not moves that I made up. I do not claim to be the creator of these moves. These plays are ones that I have collected, saved, and typed up from multiple sources. *if anyone who DID create these moves objects to me posting the move here, please tell…
  • Double or Nothing SNGs – Part I – Pre-Flop
  • Posted by kevster on May 6, 2017
  • Disclaimer: This guide is based on my experiences of $10 Double or Nothing SNGs (DONs).   Introduction This is a brief introduction to the ‘Double Or Nothing’ tournaments (DONs) that run on PokerStars. These are 10 man SNGs but with a flat payout structure whereby, as the name suggests, the…
  • Playing Blinds in SNGs
  • Posted by gingerwizard on May 5, 2017
  • Playing from the blinds in a SNG tournament is tricky. You'll often be getting very favorable pot odds and thus be inclined to play many hands. But you should remember that you'll be out of position without the initiative. In early levels, it's far better to stay out of trouble by playing tight.
  • TLR’s Sit-n-Go Beginner Pitfalls
  • Posted by TLR on May 4, 2017
  • After a few months of playing online poker for real money I thought it would be appropriate to summarize a few of the common mistakes that I learnt through losing my money, and I saw my friends make and I commonly see on this site. Nothing I say here is…
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