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Poker Strategy: Open Face Chinese

Learn how to get those Queens up top for Fantasy Land.

Open Face Chinese

Open Face Chinese is a relatively new style of poker, but it has already found plenty of adherents especially among the high-rolling set. New players are often confused by OFC because the betting structure and game rounds don’t really resemble any other poker format. We’re here to give you all the instructions  you need to begin playing this up-and-coming poker game. From how to score you hand to the proper way to set your initial cards, you’ll find advice aplenty, designed to turn you from a noob into a shark. The articles below will help you decide when to go for Fantasy Land and when to play more conservatively, There are frequently hands where it’s difficult to decide among several different ways of playing them, but we’ll provide you with some clarity and guidance so that you don’t have to make your choices at random.

Featured Open Face Chinese Articles

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Most Recent Open Face Chinese Articles

OFC Beginners Guide: It Starts with the Set

In part 2 of the OFC Beginner’s Guide, I focus on the foundation of your hand: the set. The set is arguably the most important part of the hand, as how you set your hand dictates how the rest of the hand will play out. See some specific examples and general concepts with setting up your OFC hands.

OFC Beginners Guide: Introduction

An introduction to Open Face Chinese Poker for beginner’s looking to play. This is the start of a multi-part guide which will (hopefully) take you from a completely new player, to understanding the basics and get you on your way to becoming a winning player.