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So close...

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    Default So close...

    Played this tournament last night on the Danish version of Party Poker. The main prize was to spend a night (playing poker ) with a Poker Pro.

    The pro is Morten Erlandsen. None of you have probably heard of him, but the deal was that the winner of the tournament got 5000 Danish kroner ($930) into a special account, and then the idea was to make that amount grow throughout the night, and what's left in the morning would be the winners money. But most importantly, think about all the tips and ideas you get throughout such a session.

    I ended in fifth place, but as they run those once in a while, I know I'll get another chance, and next time, it's my turn

    I think it's a funny promotions. Have there been other promotions like this before? I seem to remember something with Daniel Negreanu.

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    Default Hello to all members on this forum

    Hi to all members on this community i am thanks to the administrator of this forum for approve my account i am sure here i got better knowledge thanks again. My name is Ronald.
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    And here I thought someone replied to my little story
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    password please?

    Made you look again.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Quote Originally Posted by OngBonga View Post
    password please?

    Made you look again.

    Well I just thought it was a nice story, and hoped someone remembered what the deal was with Negreanu. Maybe it's something I've imagined
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    Good Job Man. Good luck next time!
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    too bad, would be great to play a pro, live especially
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    Quote Originally Posted by micalupagoo View Post
    too bad, would be great to play a pro, live especially
    Mo, not playing against a pro, but playing online together with the Pro, and together try to make the most of the money
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    Maybe this was a promotion with Full Contact Pkr or PkrVT, two of Negreanus web sites
    By the way, is the training site PkrVT still open for subscriptions? Online, but looks dead...

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