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Once in a lifetime bad beat

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    Default Once in a lifetime bad beat

    So tilting that this didn't happen at Borgata or some place with a BBJ.

    Live $1-$3 game, has all the makings of an epic hand from the get go. 1 limp and CO is getting ready to rack up. He has $513...takes the $13 in chips that's not in the rack and raises and says, "That's my profits, that's all you get."

    I have AhAc on the button and make it $45. Folds around and as he reaches for chips from his rack, I say, "You don't want to book a loss, do you?" He says, "Oh, is that the only reason you raised me?"

    So I flop top set and he leads into me for $75. I flat. Turn is Ad giving him a flush, he bets $200 and I shove for remaining $100ish he snap calls.

    Happily, he asked to do business and we ran it 3 times. He binks first one.
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    Some days it feels like I've been standing forever, waiting for the bank teller to return so I can cash in all these Sklansky Bucks.
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    Wow that's unreal, hits the 1 outer royal on the first go. Amen to running it 3 times!
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    We all have those bad beats

    P.S: This section doesn't posts much.
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    This section doesn't post much because most people have played long enough to be over beats because they've seen them a hundred times - it's a good sign
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    Haha, and I bet the winner of the hand bitched and moaned as he racked his chips about how unlucky he is that he won a bad beat hand at a casino that doesn't do a BBJ.
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    Haha yeah, I was gonna say the real bad beat is that there was no bad beat jackpot going on, you could've won a fortune!
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    got to like the ability to run it thrice, hopefully next time you are on the sunnyside of variance
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    Very sick
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    To quote Meat Loaf "Two out of three ain't bad"!!!!
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    Damn this is sick. I seen this in Atlantic City, but the guy who got the BB took home 100k
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    Wow lucky 1 outer
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    Didn't this happen at the WSOP against some dude? Definitely I've seen in on TV, the guy bust out with quad aces and could be seen wobbling as he walked the walk.

    And if you run it thrice, do you not need to reshuffle the deck after each river? What's the point in running the last two if not? And he's got three more streets to hit his one outer, making it 3x more likely.
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    i've never played anywhere live that runs a BBJ - and i've never played in a game where you can agree to chop/run it more than once etc. does the BBJ count if you run it three times and the third runout provides the bad beat?
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    rpm, great point. for maximum EV people should run it the maximum allowed number of times if more than the first time counts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpm View Post
    does the BBJ count if you run it three times and the third runout provides the bad beat?
    No, the BBJ is negated by running it more than once.

    I was at a table and it was folded to the blinds, in which case if they agree, they get their blinds back, and the button advances. So if they agree to not play the hand, the SB doesn't have to fold his blind, he gets it back.

    In this game, the SB said to the BB, "I have a straight-flush hand. Do you have a quads hand?"
    BB replied, "Nah. Chop it?"
    SB, "Yeah."

    This was collusion to get the BBJ, and therefore the hand would not have counted for the BBJ. The SB didn't know that he was basically shooting himself in the foot.
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    that was sick. only happening once in a while u get over pretty quickly , its when it happens time and time again, on the marginal hands and hands u lose to suckuts
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    A one outer with one card to come isn't really that big of a beat. Whenever you get runner runner perfect against you twice in one session, lemme know.
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    spoon, yeah, but it's quad aces vs a royal, that's pretty neat. i think that's really all he was trying to tell with this tale. also there was no BBJ which is a beat in itself.
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    Hm.. It feels like a little I`m not a professional and interested how it came

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