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Cashing without playing

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    Default Cashing without playing

    Because i took part in a chess event, i missed my Share and Win freeroll (if i remember correctly the name of this mtt) - but obviously cashed and got the congrats email:
    (how can this be LOL)

    PokerStars Tournament #949275324, No Limit Hold'em
    1418 players
    $500.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
    Total Prize Pool: $500.00 USD
    Tournament started 2014/08/30 12:00:00 ET

    Dear Daniel72ko,

    You finished the tournament in 279th place. A USD 0.40 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


    Thank you for participating.
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    my biggest auto-cash in a tourney i didn't turn up for is also < $100. I agree that's somewhat of a fail.
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    One of those every minute and that's a fucking awesome income for doing jack shit.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Quote Originally Posted by OngBonga View Post
    One of those every minute and that's a fucking awesome income for doing jack shit.
    Starts me thinking of others who get awesome incomes for doing jack shit.
    Perhaps we should start a thread or pole on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel72 View Post
    got the congrats email:
    Do people still get these congrats emails?
    Perhaps we should start a thread or pole on it.

    I cherished the first few, but it soon became annoying. (Not bragging, just playing a lot of HU).
    I also thought it would be more useful to have non cash emails to balance it and to see how the damage was caused on certain nights.
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    Yeah, i always get those E-Mails, have thousands now in my mailbox LOL. I think there is an option in the main lobby for ON/OFF.
    I find these emails also useful for tracking results, if i play some stakes or something.
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    That's the problem I found, that they didn't help track results because the other half of the information needed for tracking was missing.
    And I wasn't remembering everything I'd played and not cashed.
    And of course there are much better ways to track results anyway.
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    Not bad, cant complain about free $
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    A friend of mine cashed over 400€ in this event when he was away (and almost blinded out, like 10% stack remaining) :

    I played it and got 600€ with over average stack. There's a lot of reasons why our gambling monopoly haven't got really any players to ther site
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    On a sidenote, I cashed without playing any hands (fold them all) yesterday PLO 6 card mini-FTOPS. Got 3,3bb left, over half starting stack! Nice event.

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