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Huge field MTTs on Stars - why bother?

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    Default Huge field MTTs on Stars - why bother?

    When playing an mtt with about 300 runners, finishing exactly in the top 1% (i.e. 3rd) yields a return of something like 25-30BI.

    When playing an mtt with 3000 runnners, finishing exactly in the top 1% (i.e. 30th) yields a return of something like 6-8BI.

    Assuming equal spread of villain ability in each tournament and identical structure, why would we play tournaments that last longer and with much greater variance?

    I kind of know the answer to this (and realise it may seem like a dumb question), but interested in what others think.
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    For a start assuming equal ability in both is false. If you assume regs play most tournaments then a tournament with 300 people is going to have a higher percentage of regs than a tournament with 3000 people.

    There is also the fact that bigger tournaments attract more fish because of bigger first prizes.

    The way you're comparing things also disregards the much higher payouts of the bigger tournaments for finishing in the top places. It also suffers from the fact that the placings are much more concrete and encompass higher amounts of % per prize pool. If that makes sense.
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    It's harder to finish 3rd in a 300 then 30th in a 3000
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    I just signed up to Pokerstars PA. I'm trying to figure out what Tourney's will yield the most profit. I haven't played in like 10 years. I played in six 6-max tourney's (5$)and busted out of 3 and won 3. The players are better than they used to be. I really busted my hump to win those 3. I wanna play higher stakes but have to build a bankroll. I've won several play money tourney's in play money (200 to 300 field) but I'm not sure what to expect for real money.

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