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    Default ACR

    And once again ACR screws things up. Was in 4th place for the million qualifier and they do a system upgrade and canceled the tourney with less than a hundred players left. Support says (for the third time) oh so sorry. Why is it so hard for them to put up a notice with time and date an upgrade will be preformed. Bovada does it. I'm glad we are not playing the forum free roll there anymore. Oh, and I still haven't been paid on the ones that I won!
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    Default Seem's to happen a lot.

    That ACR does this. I have been in a few games and game stops, message pops up that game is either going to resume or be cancelled. Kind of agrivating. Sunny
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    Thats a shame, I hate when they do that too it discourages you from the long grinds.
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    It's a shame because the site has so much potential. The interface is pretty good and the game types seem appealing to recreational players and pros.

    And giving Americans an online option is just simply great for them.
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    That is a total sham, I'm still gonna go ahead with my thread about playin freerolls on ACR, and BCP lately though..
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    Wow, I hadn't heard of any instances of this until now. I will have to keep an eye out! That would be a complete bummer!

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