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+$400 live MTT, gross spot with QQ

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    Default +$400 live MTT, gross spot with QQ

    Relevant stacks/reads:
    UTG+1 Average TAG/normal 90K
    HJ bad rec TAG/nit 19K
    CO Average reg with online experience 98K
    BB (Hero) 170K

    Blinds 2k/4k/400

    We are about 10 mins away from bagging for the night. There is another flight of Day 1 to be played. Players are allowed to play multiple flights and take biggest stack to Day 2.

    UTG+1 opens to 10K, HJ jams. CO does some talking out loud and seems to be trying to figure out what will happen if he flats. Then he jams.

    We have in the BB. Call/fold?
    Playing big pots at small stakes.
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    feels like you have to go with it
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    I wouldn't fold
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    Definitely an interesting situation and difficult spot. Personally I agree with drmcboy and donkbee that you've got to make the call here.

    I'd guess that CO's range would be 88+, AQ+ and that UTG+1's range could be slightly wider. I'd plow it in (especially with the added equity already in the pot) and hope that neither UTG+1 nor CO wake up with AA-KK.
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    I would jam . leaves u with half your pot, or puts u in good position for following day . co could be jamming with any pair or A J+ trying to steal the pot. this is a spot where u have to take your chances
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    Default yes


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