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Flat 3-bet with aces, now what?

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    Post Flat 3-bet with aces, now what?

    Full Tilt, $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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    UTG$ 98,75
    VILLAIN is a Fairly agressevely LAG, he likes to 3-bet and continue through the hands, already 3-bet me a few hands ago.
    UTG folds, hero raises $3,50 with AHAc CO folds, VILLAIN raises 13,50, hero call.
    VILLAIN checks,hero checks behind.
    VILLAIN bets $22, hero call
    VILLAIN checks,
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    You're very under repped here. I don't mind how you played it. I would jam river. I doubt he's tricky enough to play AK or a set like this.
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    meh, I'd b/f 2/5 pot.

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    I can't see him having you beat the way he played that hand. I would bet the $22 he was willing to invest on the Turn.
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    His check on the flop and river would incline me to think we're ahead and as griffey24 pointed out you're under-repped. The question becomes which lesser hands would call a river bet here and how much of a value-bet would that player decide to look you up with. He's definitely a tricky player if he checked the action w/AK or a set imo.

    Do you believe Villain would call a river bet or shove with top pair? And how likely do you believe that superior hands such as 2p, set & straight are part of Villain's range? A straight draw that didn't get there might not call you down unless you're up against AQ/KQ. I might check behind on the river here, but I'm not an experienced cash game player like the other posters itt.

    Also, it's precisely situations like these where I think I routinely lost value when I played cash games.
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    I'd go 22/ fold.
    Pretty unlikely he is going to raise river worse then 2pair,but migh get a call from KQ/AQ/KK
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    In my opinion, checking on turn and river indicates he is holding a AX or KX and has a straight draw which did not materialised therefore I would bet on the river.
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    I think I'd be very happy to bet here. I don't really understand what one pair hand he has but he played it exactly like one pair.
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    is villain jenny?
    if so then ez check
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    Check on river just screams for you to make a nice value bet
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    dont like this slow play in cash games always ends up bad. small value bet is all u have left, he has jj or tt . if he had top pair he would off bet after flop to find out where he stands
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    You block AK, which he prob wouldn't play that way anyway. You have the best hand pretty often, and are under repped. You have to bet, and I'd probably put some money in on the flop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexos View Post
    I'd probably put some money in on the flop.
    Seems like a great hand to check to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joker131 View Post
    small value bet is all u have left, he has jj or tt .
    At the risk of coming across as a patronising twat, a value bet is where you expect to get called by worse hands. Betting into better hands is what we call a bluff. If you have villain on TT/JJ only, then bluffing here would be pretty stupid. As it is, there's probably thin value here, but that's because villain's range is not TT/JJ only. In fact I'm not even sure he has TT/JJ because he checks TJQr flop after 3betting and getting called. Why would he allow Ax and Kx to peel for free? He can have AK, but we block it. I think his range is weighted towards Ax Kxs 77-99 and some random suited connectors, something along those lines. I might b/f this river but if I felt he could find a bluff here and I'm not calling then I'd likely just check back.
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    do you really think he turns Qx/KJ type hands into a bluff when you bet river?
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    Quote Originally Posted by baudib View Post
    do you really think he turns Qx/KJ type hands into a bluff when you bet river?
    It's doubtful, you definitely should not check back this river. But if our opponent check/jams we should consider calling. I doubt it's coming though.
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    yeah I think the way this hand is played postflop is fine/optimal (whether or not we should 4-bet pre is debatable, i sorta like flatting tho to protect our range so we don't end up folding too much to his 3-bets) as long as we bet the river.
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    I think q you should not do check I think better on a bet of 2 / 5pot due aq need to get more value it hand can easily carry AQ and you could pay as much laughter and also if you think that takes the stairs the would not do check and less when you paid him in turn, he knows that the two are engaged and then I do not understand that you do check rather than take advantage of the river, to which most of us hardly ever players we profit,

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    you block AK,AQ, wait. how does hero check behind if villain is BTN??
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