villain is shaping up reg 32-24 over small sample so far - i haven't played much at this stake/site yet so far, 9% 3b, folded to 2/3 cbets so far, nothing out of line
flop and turn play? sizing?
river sigh?

UTG 150bb
CO 33bb
BTN 122bb
daven (SB) 172bb
BB 107bb

Pre-Flop: daven is SB
3 folds, daven raises to 3bb, BB calls

Flop: (6bb, 2 players)
daven bets 4bb, BB calls

Turn: (14bb, 2 players)
daven bets 11bb, BB calls

River: (36bb, 2 players)
daven bets 26bb, BB goes all-in ,