This is in Limit BTW 2/4

I was playing the other night and landed on a 10 player table where 6 were very tight, 2 were tight calling stations but not as tight a maniac and a calling station/maniac.

After a few rounds I had adjusted quite well to the play, the maniac was playing everyhand and reraiseing everything and the calling station was playing every hand and calling everything. All the other players were folding if tight and the flop didnt come or calling with nothing if they were the tight calling stations.

The tight calling stations were waiting for a hand like AK and if it missed the flop playing it to the river regardless of bets.

For this game i played looser than i usually did as my only competition was the maniac who could have anything (84o anyone?) and the maniac call station. I should have took more money than i did ($50 up from the maniac CS) but twice i was hit with a runner runner to lose Q sets or something. One maniac left leaving the Maniac CS who was so easy to read. Almost all the time it was me and this MCS and if she had nothing she would call I could play 2nd best hand and win (one hand i beat her with a pair of 2s) and if she had anything she would raise (K7o) with a K on the Flop, again i usually had better. I also found that when she didn't play if any of the tight players played and missed the flop they would check to me and i would bet and they would fold if they hit they would bet.

Sorry for the long post, but i was just so amazed at how quick I read the table and the players and used it to win easy money. I could have stayed there all ngiht but i had to go out I was also unlucky not to get better hands when both maniacs were there, the maniac maniac won $100 with crazy play before I started getting playable hands and left.

Did I play the table right? or was i just lucky to not have lost money ? Also has anyone else been in a situation with such extremes i.e. no solid players just CSs Rocks and Maniacs ?