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Ultimate bet and a new kind of donkey

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    Default Ultimate bet and a new kind of donkey

    OK ftr I have been playing at ultimate bet now for a week and ive played the 5 k rebuy guaratee everyday and ive noticed there exists a new kind of donkey at this site one who is willing to put up 40 percent of their chips pre flopp with low suited conectors i crazy or do they know somthing about that site that i dont know ..because these idiots always win ...ace kings ace queens get crapped on constantly and these folks call bets post flopp with nothing but draws and win ...I swear its like im in a nightmare whje i play tourneys at Ultimatebet...I thought full tilt was bad ..this is almost as if they know Ultimatebet is rigged to cater to the underdogg .....and know to play aggressive to aggressive preflopp raises they know u have a hstrong ace and know that Ultimatebet will give em what they need......tell me folks what do u think... i feel stupid even sayiing it but ive seen it too many times too not think somthing is up ....
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    Yes, people shoving suited connectors in the rebuy period is totally unheard of...

    Usually we laugh at anyone who complains of bad beats, but as you're on ultimate bet I'll just say withdraw your money and find a better site.
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    1rst post= Online poker is rigged.
    3 3 3 I'm only half evil.
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    i play on pokertars and that happens too, i just think its bad luck.
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    i suffer way more bad beats on FT then i do at UB

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