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Stars: State of the games and new Chest "rewards"

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    Default Stars: State of the games and new Chest "rewards"

    Interested in some discussion on what people think of Stars in 2017. How are people finding the standard in cash or mtts, and what do we think about the new reward system and the way things are going under Amaya ownership? From what I've seen at Zoom up to 50nl and mtts in the $5-$22 range:

    - There's been a huge influx of Brazilian, Japanese and Romanian recs that are making the games easier (I guess there's been a drive to recruit players from those countries).

    - The mtt structure continues to suck for anybody that wants to do anything other than push fold after a couple of hours whilst there's still hundreds or thousands of players left. Party definitely leads the way in mtt structure.

    - The new Chest rewards scheme seems shockingly bad. I've had less than 10% back and the whole idea behind it seems dumb (and no Stars, I cannot be fucked with playing freerolls that equate to an entry fee of about 20c). But if it pushes the regs over to Party, maybe we shouldn't complain too much if our winrate after rakeback is better?

    - The software is still the best and I don't notice bots. Party FastForward games in particular are full of them.
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    Zoom continues to be softer than it has been in years now the rakeback chasing regs have migrated to Party. Rakeback continues to suck on Stars though: I paid $60 in rake last night to earn exactly one silver chest. What was my "reward"? $1.35.

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