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URGENT: User Registration Issues (All Season XI Participants Must Read!)

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    Exclamation URGENT: User Registration Issues (All Season XI Participants Must Read!)

    Hey All,

    So 30 people showed up for Game 1 last night and while we're glad with the turnout, we forgot a crucial step in the registration process which is making it hard to update our rankings. All users must link their PokerStars accounts with their forum account so we know who everyone is and can correctly assign points for every game. Without doing this, users will receive no points.

    It's super quick and easy to do this. If you have yet not linked your account, follow the steps below:

    1) Visit this link while logged into the forum.
    2) Enter your PokerStars Username and click on Save.
    3) DONE!

    Note: If you see Currently registered next to Registration Status, your accounts are already linked.

    Of the 30 players last night, 18 have not yet linked their accounts. The following players are not linked:

    Place Finished: PokerStars Username

    2: hcd4stars
    5: jac5858
    6: Andre1403
    7: Springbok73
    14: MichFran
    16: PokerChild K
    17: Filestorm
    18: JOHN_EVR_PT
    19: StarMike2006
    22: 45oul
    23: purtudelko
    24: soutyn
    25: AlLsUuP
    27: 1by0.618034
    28: suerteking
    29: liviuenea

    If you are on this list, you must complete this registration process immediately!

    Failure to do so will mean you are not earning points for any games you play and therefore have no chance in winning. So get on it, yo.

    Sorry for missing this before the Gauntlet started. Pascal handled the last season and imported all the results, so I'm learning as I go.
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    stars forum

    2: hcd4stars hcdtgz
    5: jac5858 indianajack
    6: Andre1403 andre1403
    7: Springbok73 Springbok
    14: MichFran PokerKing
    15: HEBRIDIANX hebridian
    16: PokerChild K PokerChildKpo
    17: Filestorm Filestorm
    19: StarMike2006 Mike1013
    22: 45oul 4soul
    23: purtudelko jondal
    24: soutyn soutyn
    25: AlLsUuP allsuup
    27: 1by0.618034 OneByPhi
    28: suerteking suerteking
    29: liviuenea denisthemenys

    extra problem....... some people like me may have the wrong forum name associated as a result of changing the name when the forum got hacked a couple of years have me down as keith_MM in the standings which is the old screename not the new one...... Same thing applies for Jyms who is in the standings as trainer jyms
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    Let me look into that, becasue it's the same account keith, but with a name change.

    edit: it accepted teh new change so I guess not.
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    Hi jyms
    pokerstars HEBRIDIANX forum hebridian.
    I was just sitting down to play last night when I had a power failure. Seems whole north of Scotland was without power approx. 200000 people affected so my reason for missing tourney but I probably finished higher than if I had played.
    looking forward to playing other games.
    As an aside does anybody on forum have any links with the western isles.
    thanks again for all your efforts jyms
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    Thanks, Keith! That's a huge help, I'll import these users and re-submit the results.

    As for old usernames - yeah, I noticed that. I'll look into updating them to your current names. If anyone else has an old name stored there, let me know.
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    Okay, the standings are now current and all 30 players are in:

    Keith and jyms your names have been corrected.
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    The following members from game 2 do not have their accounts linked:

    Place Finished: PokerStars Username

    6th: warturtle7
    11th: hiphopdog99
    28th: brencelj
    32nd: Tom1559
    33rd: vanjak79

    If you do not link your accounts before the start of game 3, you will not receive any points! This is the last warning I will be giving out, I'm not going to continue to figure out who isn't registered moving forward.

    So in summary: If you aren't linked from here on out, you have no chance in winning because you will earn 0 points for every game you play in. Do it meow!


    If you have yet not linked your account, follow the steps below:

    1) Visit this link while logged into the forum.
    2) Enter your PokerStars Username and click on Save.
    3) DONE!
    Last edited by givememyleg; 04-21-2014 at 04:46 PM.
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    2 users in game 3 haven't linked their accounts and won't be given any points.

    9: brencelj
    12: hiphopdog99

    Any user not yet linked by game 4 will be kicked out of the home games group.

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