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The Unicorn State

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    Default The Unicorn State

    Watch from 17:24 to 20:16

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    How government wrecked the gas can.
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    Video in OP (at least recommended time stamp) is legit.

    The article in the 2nd post is based on total ignorance of how remarkably poisonous gasoline aerosol is.

    Gasoline MSDS

    Bottom of first page and top of 2nd page are fairly important areas to note.

    I'm no doctor, but it seems like bad public health policy to have everyone driving cars, therefore likely to be spending a few minutes a week at a gas station, inhaling cancer-causing fumes. Seems better to have the people not inhale cancer-fumes.

    The gas tanks ARE vented, but the vent is a carbon filter that allows the fuel in the tank to expand and contract with temperature changes and to allow the engine to pull fuel when running. The carbon filter absorbs hydrocarbons in the gasoline, and eliminates the smell from a straight vent hose. These vents are not designed for the rapid displacement of air* during refueling. Any modern gas station has a vapor reclamation sleeve that you have to press tightly against the lip of the fuel port in order to activate the pump. The nozzle you pump with is small compared to the fuel port on your car (despite the tiny opening at the top, designed to prevent you from pumping the wrong fuel in your car). This is designed to provide adequate venting during the refueling process.

    * It's air and gasoline vapor.
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    I don't think he's talking about tanks at gas stations. It's about the small portable cans.
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    When I first heard about restrictions on cans being the reason why pouring now is such a hassle compared to when I was a kid, I assumed the restrictions might be due to vapors, but the article and other stuff I read state the restrictions are to prevent spillage, so I lol'd since spillage is now a common occurrence. Well, except for when I use an old can.
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    It's obviously not about spillage, wtf? That's like making holes in it to prevent leakage.

    I'd create my own fucking vent. Hot piece of metal, burn right through the plastic.

    Fuck you, stupid regulations.
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    ongies gonna ong

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