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Nutsinho has passed away?

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    Default Nutsinho has passed away?

    Just saw this on /r/poker:

    Please tell me this isn't true.

    An absolute legend of this community. If FTR had a Mt Rushmore, he'd be one of the 4 faces on there.
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    I can't find an obit, but it's not really conclusive of anything.
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    It's on 2p2 as well with about 20 replies came to login to ftr for first time in a while hoping it wasn't true :'(
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    Damn. RIP, yo. FTR 4eva.
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    in ur accounts... confiscating ur funz
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    I saw Lexy Gavin tweet about this, I texted her but didn't hear back. Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman then talked about it on PokerGo.
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    Oh man, RIP
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    RIP Rich. I learned so many things from this legend. And got owned countless times. Tragic.

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    Great dude. Will be very, very missed.
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    Saw it too. Listening to DAT Poker podcast, Daniel mentioned that he received coaching. Dude was really good. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baudib View Post
    I saw Lexy Gavin tweet about this, I texted her but didn't hear back. Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman then talked about it on PokerGo.
    RIP! This is one of my favorite poker players. I was just in shock when I found out that he died at such an early age. It was his success that made me work on myself and continue to earn money. I always wanted to be as cool as he ... When I was 5 years old, my father taught me how to play poker. I learned very quickly and won my father very easily. Then I grew up and started playing with friends and online. Then I didn’t even think that I could make money on this. At that moment, my father’s business fell into decay and we didn’t even have money for food. In the same period, I learned about this poker player and began to admire him. I realized that thanks to poker I can make money, but because of my age I could not play in a regular casino and then I started practicing in an online casino tournament. I read a lot of reviews and found an online casino with the best reputation
    and immediately won the tournament. I brought my father $ 5,000 and he just cried. Since then, I continue to make money at poker and I love this game!
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