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Poker sites that owe me money

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    Default Poker sites that owe me money

    I know this is probably a waist of time but if any one can help me in the situation I would be over so gratefull. Over the years I have played on many sites and cashed out many winnings but in some cases the sites have closed or denied my money. The support in many of these sites I don't think even exist anymore here is a list; Landshark Poker, G2G Pros, Adameve Poker and of course Fulltilt. If anyone has information that would be great as well.

    Thank you,

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    full tilt you will get paid by doj . there is a thread on 2+2 NVG i think detailing how the payouts will work but haven't read it as it doesn't affect me.

    Adameve you have to wait until the network pay them the money that they are owed so that AdamEve can then pay the players.Lock claim that they are upto date with all payments to the network. The might be 1 or 2 people that believe that story ,but basivcally you have to hope that lock doesn't go bust before they clear all outstanding cashouts and network liabilities so that adameve can then pay you.

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