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looking for a $4nl or $4plo stake

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    Default looking for a $4nl or $4plo stake

    I recently had to withdraw my monies and am now looking for a stake for a us site. I've never been staked before so I don't know what sort of things to ask for or what kind of profit splits and whatnot. I've been playing for quite awhile , I played on fulltilt under "acgibson" ,pokerstars under the same name. I have plo history on Broadway tables and cake poker under "acg718". Also on minted poker under "acg718". The bonus on luvin poker is nice and cashouts are difficult for us players from what I hear. Looking to get a 20 buyin stake for no limit or 35 buyin stake for plo. I'll be able to play roughly 20 hours a week with as much volume as I can get in given the site traffic and available tables and whatnot. I'll play mostly 6-max plo and fullring holdem. Please let me know any terms or conditions you want/request/require. Or if you have questions/comments. Thanks
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    There was a typo, lol *cashouts are NOT difficult for us players, as I cashed out using the bankwire option and had my money in 7 days. Plus I can transfer direct on the site (player to player) once the bonus is complete. If you like we can use teamviewer in the beginning until you are comfortable seeing as I've never been staked before.

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