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Why is K8 nicknamed Kokomo?

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    Default Why is K8 nicknamed Kokomo?

    I've tried to google it, and found no answer. I'm wondering if any of you guys happen to know the answer.
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    I've never heard K8 called that until now, and wasn't able to find an explanation via Google Search either. I suppose you could use each half of the "8" and double back to the "K" to get "KoKo" but it still seems inspired by some Tom Cruise/Beach Boys fan.

    On a somewhat related note, my favorite starting hand nickname is "Full Employment" for J-4... supposedly because anyone who plays it needs to have a full-time job in order to continue doing so. I thought it was cute to always see a flop with J4 back when I played all the time. That was until PokerTracker reminded me that J4's nickname was predictably accurate.
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