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Opinion about playing card brands.

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    Default Opinion about playing card brands.

    There really was no appropriate Forum category to post this in so I had to pick one. Since I cannot play on Pokerstars anymore I occasionally play live games. I've assembled quite a collection of cards and try to find a favorite.

    I know I like the bridge size (at first I hated them), and I'm partial to Dal Negro. After receiving a set of Copags these may very well prove to be my favorite. I would like to try the DaVinci Ruote, but I have another Davinci deck. I don't want to keep wasting money on decks I may never use. I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions as to their preference.

    By the way I hate KEM. They are a pleasure to shuffle, but impossible to deal as they don't slide off each other.
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    I like KEM and Copag, partly because they last longer than paper cards like Bicycle.
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    I used to have a pack of four-colour Copags and they were awesome, they lasted such a long time considering it was back when we'd stay up all night playing poker on a regular basis. They're relatively expensive, but worth it.
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    Actually the two deck set is pretty inexpensive. I've never seen the four color version and I'm sure they cost more. It seems Copag is a favorite by many, but each to his own. I'd love to try them all, but I don't need 20 decks of cards. That's not very practical.

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