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Is it me... or is there a new trend??

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    Default Is it me... or is there a new trend??

    Okay... so for the past few months I have started to see this trend more and more.
    Whether it be live or online....
    cash or tourney....
    It seems that people just can't help themselves....
    Yes people I am talking about the ever growing Donk bet into the PF raiser!
    Doesn't matter if it heads up or multi-way for some reason I have seen this trend spread like a new plague.
    Not to say that I have never done this myself but usually only when the situation makes sense...
    for example.. flopping a set against a nit who will reshove with an overpair.
    But for the most part I'm checking to the pf raiser to give them the chance to cbet with air.
    Why would I want to donk bet consistently when most of the time I am folding out worse hands and losing value from checking??
    Anyone else seeing this happen more than often?
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    Interesting. I look forward to what the great players on here have to say about this.

    It sounds as if you are sure to be ahead on these types of hands. So what would you do once you have checked to him, and he C-bets as you predict? Would you check/raise, or check/call?
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    You're on the flop heads-up.

    The OOP player has a range, and the IP player has a range.

    The OOP player bets.

    It's not a big deal.
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    It's great because most people don't know how to react to it properly because it happens so rarely, of course it loses its appeal when everyone starts doing it.
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    Maybe most players think the pros are all great players, and don't look at some players at lower levels. I have come in contact with very good players at low levels, and everyone of them have one thing in common. They have patience. That is something I try to have but sometimes when the cards are not falling my way I try to make something happen and every time I pay for it. So when I see a player at a table folding every hand for awhile, I know they are good and I watch out when they call or raise a pot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2311jondoe View Post
    Whether it be live or online....
    cash or tourney....
    That's covering a lot of ground.

    It's probably a mixture of things.

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