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Bankroll of $125: What Games & Stakes?

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    Default Bankroll of $125: What Games & Stakes?

    I have a bankroll of $125 on Stars. What's type of game should I play and what stakes should I play at in order to maximize profits while following relatively strict bankroll management?

    Thanks to all who help!
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    Hi, welcome to FTR!

    This link will help with bankroll management.

    How experienced are you? If you're new, then you should definitely be playing for 2nl, which is hold em with blinds of $0.01/$0.02. If you've beaten those stakes before, and have a disciplined bankroll strategy, then you could take a shot at 5nl, but there's a good chance of failure, even for a strong player, so you must be prepared to step down at, say, $100. Maybe you can be a little slacker than this if you're playing well but being unlucky.

    As for games, depends on your style. Are you patient? Full ring would probably be better. If you're a little loose and wild, 6max is probably better. I say probably because it really depends on your experience. If you're new, playing solid, tight-aggressive poker full ring is the best way to get started. Post hands where you think "could I have got away from this hand" or "should I have bet more", stuff like that, and people will tell you their thoughts.

    Here's a list of more articles that might help get you started...
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    Maybe you can be a little slacker
    This is your advice for everything, though.

    EDIT: JK, which is obv. to Ong, but perhaps not to OP.
    @OP, ong is giving you great advice.
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    Thank you for the advice. So, I've played several thousand games not including ring games. So, I would consider myself to be a bit inexperienced when it comes to ring games. Would grinding MTTs be appropriate or not? I'm really not sure, lmao
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    Personally I prefer MTTs, but the variance can be brutal. If that's what you're comfortable with though, sure, play MTTs, but with $125 I'd keep it to $1 games. It's not difficult to have a long losing streak, so if you're playing for $2 that bankroll could start to get tight.

    I'd generally avoid rebuys, too, although I might be tempted to throw a dollar at one since the prizes get so bloated and the standard is so low. With your bankroll, I wouldn't rebuy but I would add on.

    At $200 I'd start to loosen up with my bankroll, playing $2 games. With 100 buy ins, we can lose 50 games in a row, step down and still have 100 buy ins. That's how we beat variance and avoid wipeout.
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    I think the idea of playing 2nl till you run it up to $145 (29 buyins for $5nl) to give $5nl a shot seems reasonable overall. Drop back down at $135 or so and repeat.
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    If I were you, and I had a bankroll at around your size at one point, current roll is roughly $4,000, I had it up to $5,000 less than a month ago, but I started with $30 and 5nl. Don't think about ferrari's and mansions and making tons of money. Right now you're just going to learn, the money should always be an after thought. Only be concerned about whether you played well, and on big hands that you lost, review them and see if there were key points in the hand where you could have played it better, if a check would have been better, a raise, a bet, or a fold.

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