G'day folks.

I've not been playing poker for ages... and I was reading some of my old stuff and felt like getting back into it.

I logged into Party for the fun of it and there wasn't much traffic. I checked with RakeTheRake and I could still get Rakeback... but when I tried to login to Party my account was blocked. Spoke to a guy and he didn't know why so he eleveated the question. I got an email:
"Please be advised we have closed your partypoker account as a business decision.

This decision is final and will not be reversed."

Well that's nice.

I'm currently playing on the microest of microstakes on 888poker. I got a deposit bonus worth about $10 (I remember when bonuses made up for the fact that I was a crappy player!).

Anyway, here's my question in amongst my complaining: I've got the bonus in my account but it's not "released" for withdrawl until I clear 35 Bonus Points - which are really sucky to calculate as far as I can tell.
I can't see anywhere in the app how many Bonus Points I've collected, so I have no real clue whether that $10 is gonna disappear in a couple of months or whether I'm on my way to clearing it.

Anyone know how you can find out how many BPs you've collected towards a bonus?
I wrote to their customer services and they've failed to service me.

2020 is ruining everything...