PokerStars Rakeback Calculator


PokerStars Rakeback Calculator

PokerStars Rakeback Calculator

Have you ever wanted to know what your PokerStars VIP status would be by playing 1,000 $55 tournaments per month? Have you ever wondered just how much rakeback PlatinumStar bonuses are worth? What about if you're on the path to Supernova Elite, what is the value? With FTR's brand new PokerStars Rakeback Calculator it will tell you that and more! Make sure you enter the total number of tournaments you play per month, then the buy-in and rake per tournament. For example, 500, 50, 5 would be 500 tournaments per month with a $50 buy-in and $5 rake. If you play more than one stake, press More Games.

For a detailed explanation of PokerStars' VIP Club, please see our PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent page. This goes into depth of every level of the VIP club, explaining how to make it to the level and the benefits you will receive. Use the PokerStars Rakeback Calculator to find out where you will end up! (NOTE - Supernova rakeback may be higher than the numbers given in this tool due to milestone bonuses. In addition, aproximated VPP and FPP numbers may differ from the PokerStars website because our tool gives you monthly values while PokerStars gives weekly.)

It is very easy to use. First off, select your Tournament Participation. This is how often you participate in the VIP weekly and monthly freerolls. This defaults to half, but if you are an experienced tournament player and play all of the freerolls, you should change this to all. If you never play in the freerolls, you can change it to none.

Next, enter how many tournaments per month, the buy-in, and rake. For example, if you usually play 500 $10+$1 SNGs per month, enter 500, 10, 1. If you play more than one stake, press More Games. You can then enter a different amount and buy-in. Press submit and just like that, you will know approximately how many VPPs and FPPs you will earn, your VIP status and how much each FPP is worth based on VIP cash bonuses! Most importantly, you will also find out your estimated rakeback value! No other site can give you this figure!

Once you press submit, two boxes will appear. The top one will show you all of the information explained above. The bottom one is formatted so you can post your results in any online poker forum. Just press the Select Button and you can then paste the results anywhere!

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