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Won 200$ on a 1$ spin and go

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    Default Won 200$ on a 1$ spin and go

    I have been playing hundreds of them since these week and I finally got a jackpot. the 1$ buyin multiplied by 240 and the winner won 200$. I was lucky this time and managed to win comfortably, I was dealt very good starting hands. and now my bank is almost 450$. I was playing lots of s´pin and gos because it is an easy way to make silverstar because they are very fast games. Now I have more than 260 vpps so I should easily make it this month
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    Nice,congrats,but why you want so hard to make silver star,for what? just for that 30k weekly freeroll?
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    better fpp rate per vpp than chromestar from memory
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    Wow good to see somebody get lucky on one of these things.... congrats!
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    Congrats, matiusaa!
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    Congrats on boosting that bankroll by hundreds $$, what site is this on?
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    Congrats!!!! I must feel good to double your bankroll in just one game.
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    Congrats man, whats the general BRM rules for Spin and go?
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    very nice
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    Very good! Congratulations ! i Already disputed a jackpot of $ 50 when I was tilted ( LOL ) who gave $ 1,000 prize. But I lost hahaha
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    Nice, congrats.
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    I tried more than 100 spin and go , and never jackpot win , I not play in future
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    I suggest to have at least 200 buy ins if you want to play these games because variance can be really brutal. I had to play hundreds of games before I hit the jackpot. You have to be very lucky to hit a big jackpot in 100 games
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    Never had such a big one. That would be sweet

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    For me was x6 the best i catch at this spins.Not for me
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    congrats Buddy .. ive played them loads n most i got is x8 .. so nice to see anyone fromthis community winning x 200 ..

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