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    Default Wins & Decent Scores Thread

    Been a while since anybody posted some good news here. Rediscovered my inner nit and run good today:

    - 3/1576 in the $5.50 Featherweight on Party for $718 (doubled my BR)
    - satellited into the $109 live Brighton Grand Prix after playing a handful of $5.50 steps

    Feel free to add yours to the thread!
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    Not a big score, but nice to final table - just need to play a bit more aggressively when down to the final two tables and reduce the need to win a couple of coin flips:

    6/1036 on Stars $5.50 Deep Stack for $178.
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    Tournament doom switch ended today:

    1/1359 in the Party "Mission 1: Point" freeroll for $675.
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    Good job keep it up!

    Hearing about tourney scores makes me wanna play.. but alas.. having a little one and the duration of tourneys doesn't mesh well!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay-Z
    I'm a couple hands down and I'm tryin' to get back
    I gave the other grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
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    ^^Thanks. MTTs are definitely a lot softer than cash, but I'm usually the same as you re the time requirement.
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    Also, just won this:

    Now get to play Boris Becker heads-up in a Czech casino for $25k. Gulp.
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    Week off work and back on tournaments.

    2/2232 Party $5.50 Jab for $1,314.
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    2/3701 in the Hot $2.20 for $709. Disappointing not to hold with top pair versus a flush draw HU, but I can't complain.

    Anybody else had any deep runs lately?
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    Chopped the Stars Big $3.30 heads-up for $1.9k. We flipped from there and I ended up winning, 1/6177.

    Not on the M2M level of cashes, but still pleased with the win.
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    5/2544 in the Hot $5.50 for $512. Knocked out with KK<QQ for big chip lead. $2.9k for the win
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    New gimmick that I quite like - I'm sure other recs will too:
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    Few final tables this weekend in the $3.30-$5.50 range. Profit approx. $500 but no wins or score above $400. Would be good to get in the top 1% on OPR this year on either Stars or Party.
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    2/1100 in a $5.50 turbo on Stars for $548.

    Then sigh 14/8000 on the Bigger $7.50 for $211 with $7.9k for the win. Played it ok but just ran out of run good.
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    Good start to the year +$1,000

    - 1/115 Sky £7.70 Bounty Hunter for £148

    - 2/784 Stars $7.50 8-Max Deep Stack for $618 (some very fishy calls by villain HU but he was right all 3 times and a big winner so something to think about - he owned it 3-4 handed).

    - 15/1800 Stars $7.50 KO for $112. Busted KK vs QQ for chip lead. $900 plus bounties up top so annoying, but ran hot to that point.

    - Was 5/8 on Party $5.50 final table before Party crashed and all tournaments got cancelled. Should be another $200-ish once they do the admin.
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    Freak night:

    1/131 on Sky £7.70 Bounty Hunter for £207

    1/252 on Sky £5.50 Bounty Hunter for £251

    1/323 on IPoker €10 Mega Deep for €603

    Couple of other Stars deep runs in there as well, but nothing >10x BI. Frustrating bust out deep in the Big 11 from a good position, but can't really complain.
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    I finished 56th from 15k runners in a $5 WCOOP game, picked up just over $100. Busto hand was AK vs KK bvb.

    Nice work there bean.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Jul 2010
    Reinvesting my winnings. I'm already registered in the $22 game, due to start in ten minutes, and I intend to play the $50 micro main event. Poor bankroll management? Not really, if I lose both games I'll just fire up some more funds. This is a once yearly day of poker, and it costs me something like fifty quid, which I can smoke in a week.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Jul 2010
    Cashed in the $22, bust out shortly after.
    Still going in the $55, doubled up after binking a river king, KK vs AA for my tourny life. Needed a change of underwear after that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Couple more wins this evening:

    1/366 €10 IPoker Mega Deep for €683

    1/94 Unibet €10 Dark Matter for €250

    Could do with a run on Stars and 888 now - can't seem to win more than 1-2 all ins on those sites this year, which is problematic in huge fields.
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    Rare midweek session:

    2/220 £5.50 Mini UKOPS Bounty Hunter on Sky for £160. Desperately unlucky HU against a very weak player.

    3/348 $12 Deepstack Catfish on 888 for $550. Didn't play 3 handed great, but pleased that I moved from 1/40 to 1/4 incident free.

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