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First MTT win :)

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    Default First MTT win :)

    It may be the smallest MTT on pokerstars but I am buzzing after this, the ROI is brill, if you click on the link it shows a big image I am still confused on how to upload them properly
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    Awesome! Besting a field of $3k+ players is a huge accomplishment, regardless of the buy-in. Congrats!
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    Cheers mate! Yeah it's definately give me some confidence in my game which is nice
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    Nicely done!
    Congratulations, you've won your dick's weight in sweets! Decode the message in the above post to find out how to claim your tic-tac
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    Sweet, what gmml says is bang on. Huge props for beating a field of 3k, that's a sick score.

    Also, to post images, replace the [url] tag with [img] and you'll get this...

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    ongies gonna ong
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    Nice work, big field to conquer, congrats.

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