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decent cash for 2nd @ STARS

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    Default decent cash for 2nd @ STARS

    You finished the tournament in 2nd place. A USD 442.23 award has been credited to your Real Money account
    You have also received USD 119.67 in Knockout Bounties for this tournament. You won bounties for the following players: realboy1912, 123marand, kevbux, anonimalit, Samuel13korn, mr&ml2005, bstrdsun, tscaranto, WILL-IAM8998, pikillin, vakisa3, neto_haha, minus37, VasjaVasilev
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    nice one, congrats
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    Dec 2003
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    It is not easy in these big micro mine fields!!
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    Congrats,i love these kind of tournaments,progressive super ko
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    It's nice when you stack a few people and get your buy in back to freeroll them! Nice win congrats
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    congrats Buddy on very gd win . not easy to win a ko mtt full of donkshoving donkies
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    not a bad result. Congrats
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    Very nice result. Congrats
    The Time To Act Is Now...
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    Nice score, rogue!
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    Nice cash, congrats!

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