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2023 Werewolf Game

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    Default 2023 Werewolf Game


    I’m hosting a werewolf game. I’m probably going to make it a turbo with short phases that can be played in one sitting. If not that, then a small game with short deadlines.

    Low time commitment!


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    Two things. Nobody plays here anymore, and it's now 2024.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    We could hold a 2 player game. Me vs. ong.
    but problem with that is that ong wins every game, 'cause I always just want to pal up with ongie when I play WW's.
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    1 vs 1 is instant win for the wolf due to parity, so yeah I'd win just by winning a coin flip. But it would also definitely be because of my skill.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    lynch bigred
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