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Spin n Go strategy, rolled for $100 games

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    Default Spin n Go strategy, rolled for $100 games

    First of all I should say I'm not rolled for $100 games and I'm not employing this strategy because it's pointless for someone who plays $3 games.

    If I were rolled for $100 though, I'd consider the following strat based on the double up roullette method...

    Starting at $1, every time I lose, move up to the next level. Every time you win a min cash in a $50 game or less, you (more or less) recoup your losses from the previous losses and move back down to $1. The idea is that you're practically freerolling on the big spins.

    When we bink a big cash, start again.

    Occasionally, we'll lose 7 in a row. This downswing costs 7BI at normal stakes, but with this strategy it only costs $216. On the flip side, because it's not quite a nice round double up when we win a mincash, we're not quite freerolling on the big spins. But when we get a big spin on a $15+ BI then we're getting superb value.

    When we lose 7 in a row, or win a big cash, we start again from $1.

    There's even a lot to be said about playing crazy bastard style in the low BI mincash games to hasten our progress through the stakes.

    I realise that for a $100 player, playing for $2 is probably tedious. This would need to be analysed by someone a little more clear in their thought process than the likes of me, to see if there's a worthwhile winrate. If there is, and you're rolled for it, it's looks kinda risk free to my stoned mind.

    Has this been discussed before? Can anyone be bothered to crunch the numbers? Does anyone here even play $100 games?
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Why did this get no comment? Is it stupid? Or is it a secret that noone wanted to talk about?

    This still seems like a legit strat to me.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    to get more understanding of swings in spins you may may use SwongSim (small program for simulating spin results, analyze variance and so on). imo the higher you get in spins, the tougher the games are. obv.
    so either you need to be sure that you have at least 33% (or more with rake) of winning in higher stakes spins, or you should cut off some stakes
    it's tough to say how good your strategy is... really... the games are too different imo. so i prefer to gradually move up in stakes

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