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Progressive Bounties

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    Default Progressive Bounties

    This evening I binked a $11 sat seat into the scoop progressive superbounty game, and then took down around $9 in bounties before being coolered.

    The structure is... $10+1 BI, $5 prize pool, $5 bounty... every time you win a bounty, half goes into to BR and half goes onto your bounty. So as people get knocked out, bounties rise dramatically.

    Pretty sick structure imo, I enjoyed it and will be looking for more of them. I found myself calling shoves wider when closing the action against a short shove, but that's a pretty obvious adjustment.

    Anyone else played them and any thoughts?
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Shoving as a steal becomes impossible once you get short relative to the other stacks. Especially if you have a big bounty but most people call too wide even vs small bounties.
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    I found myself seeing flops pretty wide against the one guy to my right who had a large bounty on his head. I felt like a vulture, would call anything suited against him while I had him covered.

    Short stack strategy is definitely gonna have to change. You're right, weve got very little fold equity. But in that case we should be shoving wider for value.
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    ongies gonna ong

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