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    Default New player Advice

    Hello Experts,

    I play on merge with a versudy tag. I m new to this game. I could be great player as i m young and sharp.I have been playing mainly MTTs with 4 final tables and won the game for once. Any advice you would like to give on what to read/watch/play will be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes, see you out there!
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    Read anything that is stickified in this site. As for books, read 'Kill Everyone'.
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    For mtt play i can also recommend the two great volumes "Winning Poker Tournaments" by the online gurus Rizen / Apestyles / Pearljammer. One book is for early play, one for endgame.
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    Don't you think if everyone learn play poker by books there are so many players with same kind of play?
    And does the books help when the most players use them?
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    Books won't teach you how to play poker. They'll try to teach you how to think, but no book is comprehensive enough to teach you how to act in every single spot. The people who read the most books, and who adapt their thought processes to make the optimal decisions, will make the best decisions. Players who read one book and then think they are good will make lots of errors despite thinking they are playing like the book.
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    there's so much into learning to play poker it's not funny , books help but it's skill and luck as well , get out there and just play your game the way you feel comfortable .
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    getting a stack early in mtt is a must ,but dont go over board with your raises early stages. ive gone over 1hour before playing any hand in mtt. patience early on is a must .
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    Quote Originally Posted by reinraus View Post
    Don't you think if everyone learn play poker by books there are so many players with same kind of play?
    And does the books help when the most players use them?
    I see this fairly often, imo, a common misperception from people who haven't read many (any?) poker books.
    As was already mentioned, books help you to develop your own thought process.

    As far as what to recommend to OP in this thread?? "It Depends" (depends on what you've already done &/or what you're doing to work on your game).
    If you haven't read any books, I'd suggest grabbing ahold of a couple. What book(s)? > "It Depends" (what are you playing?).
    If it's 'Tournaments' (nlhe) and you haven't read a book before, I'd suggest:
    Harrington On Hold'em Vol. 1 & 2, followed by the books suggested by Daniel72 above in this thread.
    Also (as mentioned already in this thread) read the 'sticky' section. Some good stuff in there!

    As far as 'What to watch'?
    Hard to say. I've had memberships at a few online training sites, all of which have been very helpful. When watching vids. I find you get more out of them with the more you put into them (ie. stopping vid., analyzing situations on your own prior to listening to coach who's doing the video, then analyzing your thought process, etc. etc.).
    I used to make a point of watching a couple of vids. per week & at one time I used to watch a vid. prior to almost every time I played a session online. Lately - not so much... but the past couple of weeks I've been watching a bunch more, looking to get re-motivated to play some more & have been finding it helpful (even when it feels like it's just confirming what I know already).

    As far as "what to play". Can't answer that one without knowing what you like, what you've been playing, BRM, etc.
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    I hate poker books. Pretty much every poker book I've ever tried to read has only been half read. I think I might have fully read Harrington. I read the Hwang PLO book.

    I think the only poker book that everyone should read for sure is The Mental Game of Poker.
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    Are there any books free in net and where?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reinraus View Post
    Are there any books free in net and where?
    top choices is always the publc library , coles book store in canada has chairs to sit in while you may look at books before you buy them , if that is your choice too . also , ask friends , who knows .


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