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MTT & SnG Tactics Digest

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    Default MTT & SnG Tactics Digest

    Welcome to the MTT & SnG Tactics Digest.

    Here you can find essential articles for MTTs and Sit and Gos written by our members!

    MTT Articles:

    Andy's Satellite MiniGuide by Andy Holt
    chardrian's Rebuy Strategy by chardrian
    Chardrian's Thoughts On The True Value of AK by chardrian
    Win MTT Poker by soupie
    Tools For Patience in MTT by aokrongly
    Thoughts on Small Pairs in MTTs by mcatdog
    AKs flops TPTK, opp minraises flop bet ($27) - a very interesting discussion about pre and post flop ranges, ICM and more
    KK with an ace! - a very common dilemma, a discussion of the WA/WB (Way Ahead/Way Behind) theorem

    SnG Articles:

    SnG Tactics: FAQ by vqc
    Common Begineer Pitfalls To Avoid by TLR
    DavSimon's SnG Strategy Guide by DavSimon
    Sit n Go Poker Plays by vqc
    SnG Key Strategies
    What is Expected Value (EV)? by Scuba Chuck
    taipan168's Low Buy-in SNG Do's & Dont's by taipan and swiggidy
    taipan168's Low Buy-in SNG Do's & Dont's by TLR
    ICM - What It Is And What It Does by CrunchyNuts
    ICM Calcs: Calling AI After Raising/Pushing Over Raise
    Pocket Pairs - SnG/Sit n Go by TLR
    3 Key Skills Every SNG Pwner Has by FlyingSaucy
    The Classic Bubble Situation: What Hands Do You Call With? by taipan
    The ABCs of Continuation Betting by TLR
    Playing Blinds in SNGs by gingerwizard
    AKs Flops TPDK, Opponent Minraises Flop Bet by taipan
    A Beginner's Guide to Multi-Tabling by Nakamura and Rage2100
    Double or Nothing SNG Advanced Strategy - Early Stages by nakamura
    Double or Nothing SNGs - Part I - Pre-Flop by kevster
    Double or Nothing SNGs - Part II - Mid Tournament & Post Flop Play by kevster
    Double or Nothing SNGs - Part III - End Game: Bubble Play & Collusion by kevster

    I'd like to update this article with some more essential threads for beginners. If you're interested in writing one, please send me a PM!
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