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Max value with KK?

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    Default Max value with KK?

    $150 4-5 table SNG basically at my local casino.
    Starting Stacks of 8k.
    Level 5 Blinds 200/400

    Utg +1 .... Has been making unusually large raises. Villain has done this at least 4 times without showdown. Villain has 6000 chips total before hands begins.

    Hero MP (11k stack) Playing very tight preflop. Made 2 small stabs successfully on flops.

    Villain opens for 2400.. There are 5 players remaining to act and he is so short (only has 3600 (9bb) behind), I believe that isolating here is the best move.

    I raised to 5k and Villain tank folds.

    I obviously took down a decent pot here. Should I have played differently to max value?
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    I think your play is fine. You wouldn't expect somebody to raise almost half their stack then fold the rest. If Villain had been taking stabs at pots on the flop and you'd been in later position I could see flat calling and putting him AI on the flop, but with 5 players remaining I think your shove is fine.
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    I would also isolate him here, and it's hard to believe he folded, after putting in 6xBB, and having less than 10xBB left. Weird play I think, especially in such an early position. But as you say, nice pot
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    your line is perfect. It should be played that way
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    you have technically a big enough stack to fold to an all-in from behind if you call (not that you would with KK obviously), and it won't be a protected pot so it looks like a call. People behind you could somewhat easily fold hands like 88-TT AQ to a reraise but may be forced to shove those hands if you only call, so calling seems like a clear max ev play here.
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    I think its a shove , a lot of times raises of this size rep mediocre hands rather than nutted ones and after putting so much of his stack in I would just shove expecting to be called almost 100% . If we flat and the flop comes K Q J and our opp holds 99 then we could lost a ton of value by not shipping it in preflop . I think your decision was correct here to isolate him all in , weird decision by him to raise fold for almost half of his stack !
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    Shoving here obviously with thinking villain is never folding.
    I'd consider flatting if I had info. on players left to act.
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    no point taking chances with pots this size. getting them in and making him fold great bit off play.u now have a big pot to rule table. be glad
    he didn't call and hit ace on the flop
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    Default ya

    ur play was good allin even
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    Nothing wrong with your play here... but since you said your table image was tight I think I like a call here might be better which would allow villain to c-bet flop, no reason to raise as you are only getting weaker hands behind you to fold and not allowing villain to continue aggression on flop.
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    Nice raise, surprised he folded after that raise, but I guess he made the right move

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