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live MTT $130 BI flop nuts

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    Default live MTT $130 BI flop nuts

    played a live tourney last night. 70 people. 10 starting stack.

    hero has 8.5k at start of hand.
    UTG has about 11k
    MP has about 40k ( running hot, and got lucky a few times AI PF with underpair and got set)
    blinds are 75/150 (no ante), UTG opens for 350, MP flats, hero is BTN and flats with

    flop comes

    pot is 1275

    UTG bets 600, MP folds, hero raises to 1500, UTG raises 4k, hero shoves, villain calls.

    should i flat his initial cbet and take a turn?

    the reason i flatted 87s is UTG has shown down 2 s.c.s that he opened from EP. (64ss, and 85cc)
    with that range i think when he raises to 4k, hes going to have a set, 2pr, pair+FD,pair+SD, and some overpairs.
    "The harder you work, the luckier you get." ~ courtesy of my fortune cookie from china king

    "One of the best pieces of advice I've ever read in this forum was three words long...

    bet fucking fold." Ong
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    Don't give him the cheap turn card in case he's holding the diamonds, he ended up shoving so you got exactly what you wanted with your hand and hopefully it held up.
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    Had 2 overs and a FD. The reason i said call flop, is its still early in the tourney and i COULD fold OTT given stack sizes. I mean i have enough to survive but at the same time i want to chip up, and *lol* i have dassnooots.
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    Still early but MP got already a 40k stack!
    You found the way to get the chips in the middle holding dassnoots, gret! What else do you want? You can't really slow play with the idea to fold later. Only reason to slow play would be your image when 3-betting and your fear that villain would fold too early.
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    Youre play is good,no cheap card for him with that draw there
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    well played
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    Very well played the hand. Did your hand held? What did villian have?
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    You played it right. I am holding villain at Set or Flush draw. Dont slowplay such hands. You have to take risk, if not now then later in tournament.
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    Raising with nut straight on the flop is a fine play, because your hand is so vulnerable if bad cards come on the turn which can make your opponent flush or higher straight. Just stick with profitable play I guess.

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