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[Hand of the Week by donkbee] Week 3 - KQs in the BB (Part 2 Released!)

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    Default [Hand of the Week by donkbee] Week 3 - KQs in the BB (Part 2 Released!)

    Here is the next segment in our Hand of the Week series.

    Link to the video below:
    Part I - Week 3A - KQs in the BB in MTT

    Description: In the next Hand of the Week series, Courtney breaks a hand down from Hero and the Villain. First, in Part I, you will see KQs from the BB against a button raise. How do you think Hero played this hand? Stay tuned for Part II which shows the hand from the perspective of the button.
    Part II - Week 3B - QJs on the Button in MTT

    Description: Continuing from Part I, we now look at the hand from the Button's perspective with QJs. How do you think the BB played with KQs v the Button with QJs?
    Please post any questions, comments or feedback in this thread.

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    It seems that it is pretty early in the tournament, I think that flatting is a better move then 3 betting, especially since we are OOP for the rest of the hand, I think there is a lot of value in pot control here.

    Flop: seems like a standard c-bet fold, two hearts makes the hand very interesting, with 2 overs, FD and backdoor str8 draw hero is not going anywhere, given the preflop action I think that B/C is the best move

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    bumper for part 2 yal
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    Not much to say about these. Only thing if figuring out if 3bing or flatting KQs is better here a standard player early on. In softer fields I probably prefer smallish 3b over anything else for obvious reasons. Everything else is pretty much covered in the videos.

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