First of all I am not trying to be UL. (made 3k profit this week)

But I have had spots this week 4 times both MTT and Cashgames where I get dealt KK action goes like a way, I am almost certain villian has AA (basically all the times not much reads at all on villian as a whole) but mostly the small 4bet sizing and in last hand which happened today i had only 15BB 3bet KK and he like min4bets me.

So all the 4 times I put villain on AA but can't fold my KK.

I am angry at myself for not learning , most people say its hard to fold KK pre, but I think if the read is there maybe you should.

Last hand which was last of 4 so have it available now was the one i did get 4bet OOP while I only have 15BB.

I'll look for others at later stage played so mmany games this week I have to look into HM