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bad day for me today

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    Thumbs down bad day for me today

    im lost 730$ at 888poker
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    That's a tough day, but it happens. Hopefully you were playing within your bankroll and the loss won't have a lasting effect.

    Best of luck to you going forward.
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    sick, what did you play?
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    Care to share what you were playing in order to lose that amount? For all we know you joined NL$10 and lost it all on one allin !
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivkeeeeee View Post
    im lost 730$ at 888poker
    Don't worry,there's enough time to lose more money in the future,lol
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    bad luck Buddy . hope u didn t bust ur br.. take a break n think about ur game n come back stronger
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    Sorry to hear that, some days are better than others! Make sure you play within your limits and take a break during a bad run. Good luck moving forward!
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    How meaningful is $730 to you.My bankroll is $1250 and I never venture beyond my depth as the roll would be wiped out quickly.
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    I am willing to lose three buyins a day. After that, I just come back to play another day. You can 'feel' when poker is not going your way. All you can do is not be in the seat that day.
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