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SSNL Digest (Best Threads. Start here)

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    Default SSNL Digest (Best Threads. Start here)

    Special thanks to RPM for putting this together.

    Here are links to the most helpful and popular articles written by our own forum members for players just starting to learn Texas Hold'em. If you see other great posts in this forum or elsewhere that you feel should be included in this collection, please reply here with a link to the post.

    Please note that much of the advice given in these articles are for new players who need help rising above losing or break-even poker, and should not be taken as the best advice in every situation or against advanced players.

    Read First
    BankrollManagement 101. Important to new players by a500lbgorilla
    The Newbie Circle of Death by storm75m
    You Cannot Make Someone Fold by Pyroxene
    Moving Up and YOU by Bigspenda73

    Strategy Overview
    169 hand SS-NLHE ring strategy: Preflop by Renton
    169 hand SS-NLHE ring strategy: Postflop Part I by Renton
    169 hand SS-NLHE ring strategy: Postflop Part II by Renton

    In General
    Chardrian's list o' leaks by chardrian
    Dealing with Bad Beats by taipan168
    Don't Be a Poker Pansy: Intro by DaNutsInYoEye
    The Efficient Frontier by Warpe
    I just realized that I'm not that good by salsa4ever
    Importance of Rakebacks and Bonuses by spoonitnow
    Quick fix American guide to Bonuses and Rakeback for Newbies by spoonitnow
    Some cut-out-and-keep pointers for micro-limit NL by biondino
    Some thoughts for beginners by Les_Worm
    Year One: Discipline by zook
    Random Poker Questions
    Nine Noobie Myths About Microstakes NLH by Robb
    A Discussion of AF vs AFq by rowhousepd
    Thought Processes by various

    FTR Group Sessions
    FTR Group Sweat #1 w/ video by XTR1000 and Bigspenda73
    FTR Group Sweat #2 w/ video by Erpel, XTR1000, Daven, and Bigspenda73

    More Specifically
    Calling a PF Raise with the Smaller Pair by Fnord
    char's thoughts on the true value of AK (esp. for MTTs) by chardrian
    Common Flop Odds by Pyroxene
    A Guide to Managing your Non-Playing Issues (how to build a BR) by Miffed22001
    How to spot a set (and save your stack) by midas06
    Improve Your Chance Of Winning In Your Next Online Session (table selection) by Pyroxene
    Poker is Totally Mathematical (BR management and EV) by gingerwizard
    Reverse Implied Odds?
    Table Selection by Da Goat
    Taking Breaks and Avoiding Tilt by dwarfman
    What is Expected Value (EV)? by Scuba Chuck
    Why you suck at Limit Hold'em (for newbies) by Fnord
    How-To: Calculating Hand Combinations, About Blockers, etc. by spoonitnow
    PokerStars - Figuring out rate of VPP's by spoonitnow
    The Truth about the dangers of playing under rolled by gingerwizard
    About Pot Odds and Implied Odds When Playing Draws by spoonitnow
    Cbets, HUD reads and problem-solving - warning LONG by Robb
    Raising Behind Limpers by spoonitnow
    Blind Stealing 101 by spoonitnow
    Blind Stealing 102 by spoonitnow
    How To Analyze Calling An All-In by spoonitnow
    3-betting and fold equity in NLHE by Muzzard

    Spoony Exercise 1: Thinking About Your Own Range by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 2: Thinking About Your Own Range (Part 2) by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 3: Thinking About Your Own Range (Part 3) by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 4: Exploitative Play and Adjustments by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 5: More Exploitation of Known Strategies by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 6: Counting Hand Combinations by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 7: Bluffing in a Vacuum by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 8: Semi-Bluffing by spoonitnow
    Spoony Exercise 9: Choosing a Bluffing Range by spoonitnow

    I've found the biggest leak among .5/1 and 1/2 grinders by IowaSkinsFan
    Fundamentals- Value Betting Rivers by caddie444

    Software Basics
    Quick Guide to PokerStove Shortcuts by spoonitnow

    New To Live Casino Games?
    Check out these helpful articles in our Live Poker forum:
    Live Poker Digest: Cardroom Basics

    Selections from the FTR Poker Video Library
    After watching a video, please review and rate it on the video page.

    Small Stakes
    $25 NL: Table Selection with Jyms
    $50 NL 3-Table with Bigspenda
    Bigspenda's Micro-Stakes Video

    Mid Stakes
    $100 NL 2-Table with Jyms 1 and Part 2
    $100 NL 4-Table with Hyper by |~|ypermegachi
    $200 NL 5-Max 3-Table with SinkRox
    $200 NL 6-Max 2-Table with Sauce123
    $200 NL 6-Max with ISF & Massimo 1 and Part 2
    $200 NL 6-Max: Happy Hour with Ville18 by an intoxicated player
    $200 NL 6-Max: JGB Being Saucy by JeffreyGB
    $400 NL 6-Max: JGB with More Sauce 1 and Part 2 by JeffreyGB
    $400 NL 6-Max 2-Table with Renton 1 and Part 2

    $3+$0.40 Turbo SnG 2-Table with BjsAust
    $16 Turbo SnGs: Double Bubble with JGB by JeffreyGB
    $6+$0.50 SnG 4-Table with Givememyleg
    $8 Rebuy MTT with Elipsesjeff parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
    $11.70 Double Shootout SnG Short-Handed with Kingnat

    Other Games
    $25 PL Omaha with Bigspenda
    Hyper's Omaha Hi-Lo Video 1 by |~|ypermegachi

    spoonitnow AMA (December 2014)
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    More by RPM from his Library


    - Ask Spoony About Poker, Life, and Anything Else (spoonitnow),
    - Ask Spoony About Full Ring (spoonitnow),
    - About Position (spoonitnow),
    - The Basics of Position (spoonitnow),
    - PokerStars Rakeback Equivalents Thread to End all Threads (spoonitnow),
    - Figuring Out Rate of VPP's with PT3 (spoonitnow),
    - Planning Hands (daven),
    - Session Review (daven),


    - Your approach to Improving Sucks (spoonitnow),
    - Official BC Motivation Thread (Spoonitnow),
    - Why poker is simple (Spoonitnow),
    - My Great Story (My 1000th post) (Spoonitnow),
    - Operation 2nl-200nl (Micro2Macro),
    - The Backwards Learning Theory of Poker (IowaSkinsFan),
    - The Beauty of Admitting you're not good (IowaSkinsFan),
    - Why poker fucks with our heads (Fnord),
    - Rant Complaints About Bad Opponents (Spoonitnow),
    - Notes On Mental Toughness (spoonitnow),
    - Don't Act Like an Elephant! (spoonitnow),
    - Bad Beats and You (rilla),
    - Operation: $$ Accumulation (daven)
    - dealing with tilt (daven)
    - Mike and the Ogre (carroters)
    - Giving Hookers Orgasms (spoonitnow)


    - Basic Bankroll Math (spoonitnow),
    - LOL HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS Y'ALL (spoonitnow),
    - Bankroll Management For People With Balls (spoonitnow)

    Ranges/Equity Basics:

    - What's a range, Dad? (XTR1000),
    - Put your Opponent on a Goddamn Range (Spoonitnow),
    - Forming Ranges (IowaSkinsFan), IowaSkinsFan's Poker Strategy Articles
    - Forming Ranges: Part 2 (IowaSkinsFan), IowaSkinsFan's Poker Strategy Articles
    - Putting Ranges Together (IowaSkinsFan), IowaSkinsFan's Poker Strategy Articles
    - Beginner’s Guide To Equity and Fold Equity (IowaSkinsFan), Weekly Strategy – Beginners Guide to Equity and Fold Equity « Poker Blogs
    - There's No Such Thing as a Made Hand (IowaSkinsFan), ISF - There's No Such Thing As a Made Hand

    - There's No Such Thing as a Made Hand: Part 2 (IowaSkinsFan), ISF - There's No Such Thing As a Made Hand: Part 2
    - Renton theorem aka ABCD theorem (Renton),
    - ABCD Theorem Exercises (Renton),
    - Practicing Ranges (Robb),
    - Why I Should Bet With Equity? (Spoonitnow),
    - Geometric Visualisation of Ranges (Spoonitnow),
    - Why You Suck At NLHE (Spoonitnow),
    - In-Depth Hand Analysis (Micro2Macro),
    - Calculating Hand Combinations, About Blockers (Spoonitnow),
    - Calculating Hand Combinations For Advanced Players (Spoonitnow),
    - Some Additional Application of Blockers (Spoonitnow),
    - Let's Talk Balance (Spoonitnow),
    - Exploitation and FTC Theorem (Robb), Exploitation and the FTC Theorem
    - Hand vs. Range Equity and Preflop Strategy (Renton) -


    - Poker is totally mathematical (gingerwizard), Poker is totally mathematical
    - What is Expected Value (EV)? (Scuba Chuck),
    - Spoonitnow’s Mathematics of EV Thread (Spoonitnow),
    - How To: Analyze Calling An All-In (Spoonitnow),
    - About Pot Odds and Implied Odds When Playing Draws (Spoonitnow), About Pot Odds and Implied Odds When Playing Draws
    - Game Theory and Poker (Spoonitnow),
    - The Half-Street, Fixed Limit, AKQ Game (Spoonitnow),
    - Semi-Bluffing Quiz (Spoonitnow),
    - Super-Duper Easy Game Theory Concepts (Spoonitnow),
    -Bluffing Frequency Quiz (Spoonitnow),
    - Making Mistakes In Poker (Spoonitnow),


    - Blind Stealing 101 (Spoonitnow),
    - Blind Stealing 102 (Spoonitnow),
    - Raising Behind Limpers (Spoonitnow),
    - 3-betting and fold equity in FR NLHE (Muzzard),
    - Happy Fun Squeeze Time (Spoonitnow),
    - Questions regarding 3b/4b etc (XxStacksxX),
    - Some Preflop 3-betting Concerns (Spoonitnow),
    - 4bet is the new 3bet (Genitruc),
    - Playing Preflop Versus Short-Stacks (Spoonitnow),
    - SB vs BB Shortstack (Spoonitnow),
    - Who Wants to Talk About 3-Betting? (Spoonitnow),
    - Let's Talk Preflop Play (Spoonitnow),
    - Suited Connectors and Bluffing (JKDS),
    - Preflop Raise Sizing (Carroters),
    - Opening AQ UTG in Full Ring Micros (daven),


    - Double Barreling Quiz (Spoonitnow),
    - Holdem Starting Hands Chart (Flop Connectability) (Spoonitnow),
    - Let's Talk Continuation Betting (Spoonitnow),
    - Which Boards Would You C-Bet? (Spoonitnow),
    - Continuation Betting (Spoonitnow),
    - Continuation Betting Revisited (Spoonitnow),
    - Polarised vs Non-Polarised Range HU IP on River (Spoonitnow),

    IRC Quiz:

    - IRC Poker Quiz Thread (Spoonitnow),
    - IRC Quiz #3 (Spoonitnow),
    - IRC Quiz #4 (Spoonitnow),
    - IRC Quiz #5 (Spoonitnow),
    - IRC Quiz #6 (Spoonitnow),
    - IRC Quiz #7 (Spoonitnow),

    NLHE T+P Group Study

    no doubt i've managed to mess up somewhere so i'll fix any busted links etc later. oh yeah and i realise many of these are in digests around the site.
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    Ummm...omg. I have completely immersed myself in this game the entire summer and this is, by far, the most comprehensive and in depth "best of" thread with links that I have come across. Wow. Looks like I have plenty of content to go through here. Very much appreciated, guys. So far, this forum is absolutely fantastic. No fluff, no bullshit, just the facts, math, and science.
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