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Poker Sites for US Players.

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    Default Poker Sites for US Players.

    The situation for USA players at the moment is quite fluid as more states open up to regulated poker sites and some states ban players from sites.The two main regulated states with poker available are Nevada and New Jersey. Geo location is used to ensure that you are actually in the state that the site is licensed. The advantage of regulated sites is that some of the main worldwide sites such as Party Poker and are offering play and their software so that there is financial stability behind these companies and they are linked to casino's.

    The unregulated sites at the moment dominate the traffic charts for american players as a result of historic acounts continuing to play and allowing access to players from around the world as well as the american public.

    By far the biggest site available to US players is Bovada which shares liquidity with bodog for canadian players and also allows asian based players access. Europeans have no access to the network. The next biggest network available to US players is WPN which is short for winning poker network. This is closely followed by Merge . These three networks are the quality end of the unregulated sites.The Chico network has a reputation for difficulties getting money off the sites and for players to be accused of colluding and having their funds seized as a result.

    The revolution network is somewhat harder to quantify, cashouts were very slow as a result of Lock poker allegedly not paying the network the monthly reconcilliations of funds lost by its players to other sites players which put the whole network under strain.New management have taken over in autumn 2013 and cashouts have returned to normal conditions , however there are fees involved.

    Seals with clubs are innovative in being a bitcoin based poker site however it has a similar lack of traffic to revolution ,and some of the regulated sites. edit: seals with clubs shutdown feb/march 2015 . players could cash out funds and one of the people behind SWC is rumoured to be restarting with a new site. Reason for the shut down was vague but seemed to be about security fears.

    Equity Poker network is the new kid on the block having opened in November 2013. The flagship site is Full Flush poker . other sites sharing the network are,, and The network operator aims to be a non profit organization acting as a clearing house for the skins.EPN’s Clearing-House will hold enough funds to ensure that all Operators receive the funds due to them from other Operators on the network. The funds are held in separate accounts from the network’s operating funds, insuring Operators against both network failure and other poker room’s failure. As a result players will benefit from a safer playing environment that is also exciting and fun.What isn't clear to me is whether all of the players funds are held in these segregated accounts ,or whether a proportion of players funds are held centrally and if the skins are just being insulated from skins going bust or if players funds are getting the protection from loss making skins.Individual skins appear to be given a degree of autonomy in making their own decisions.

    The situation for residents of some states is more difficult as they are restriced by the sites from playing on them.These are the sites that those states residents are currently restricted to only play on but many of these sites restrict these state's residents to only play on existing accounts and do not allow new accounts to be opened.

    Kentucky residents can play on Bovada and Revolution.
    Louisiana residents can play on Bovada, Revolution and WPN.
    Maryland residents are in a lot of trouble
    Missouri residents can play on Bovada, Revolution and WPN.
    New Jersey residents can play on Bovada, Merge, Revolution and WPN.
    New York residents can play on Merge (certain zip codes only) and WPN.
    Utah residents can play on Bovada, Revolution and WPN.
    Washington residents can play on Bovada and Revolution.
    Washington D.C. residents can play on Bovada and Revolution.
    All other states have all of the networks available to them.

    so lets look at these networks in more detail.


    Bovada is by far the biggest network available to US players at the moment . All tables are anonymous with HUDs banned . A working hud is available via Holdem Indicator but is of limited use as it will only work for that player on that table that day. All hands that you play can be downloaded the following day with all hole cards revealed. The hands can then be converted using a hand converter from which costs $14.99 .

    Players are limited to playing a maximum of 4 tables.There are no waitlists making table selection hard and full tables do not show in the lobby . There and few player rewards with no VIP program and points are earnt for rake contributed at roughly 1 point per $1 of rake .These points can then be used to buy in to tournaments at a rate of 100 points per $1 buyin. It is equivalent to ~3% rakeback for tournament players and 2% rakeback for cash game players. However these "drawbacks" make for a soft game as all of these measures are aimed at stopping good players from targetting weaker players day after day.

    There is a royal flush bonus of 50 times the big blind for anyone making the royal flush using both of their hole cards.Heads up tables don't qualify and players have to contact support with the hand number to claim the reward. There is also a bad beat bonus. A player that loses aces full of kings or better at a Texas Hold’em table will win 100 times the big blind up to $1000. Both players must use both hole cards. Heads up games do not qualify for this bonus. Players must email support with the hand number to claim this bonus.

    There is a 100% up to $1000 first deposit bonus which clears at a rate of 10 poker points per $1 of bonus.The bonus is then released when 100,500,1500,3000,6000, and 10000 poker points have been earned with any bonus not cleared after 60 days expiring.

    SO how do you deposit. Bovada accepts Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and MoneyGram for U.S. deposits. Normal credit cards are usually declined. International prepaid debit card deposits are usually successful. These include Netspend and Green Dot . Green Dot charges a $5.95 per month maintenance fee.This fee is waived if $1,000 or more is loaded or there are at least 30 monthly transactions on the account. Netspend charges $9.95 per month but the fee is reduced to $5 if $500 or more is deposited during the month. Cash can be deposited at major retailers or check cashing stores that are Western Union or MoneyGram agents . The fees will be in the 5-10% range, but Bovada will reimburse fees on deposits of $300 or more. The reimbursed fees paid by a player using these cash transfer deposit methods will be added to their account.

    Bovada offers four withdrawal options; Western Union, MoneyGram, check and bank wire. The software’s cashier refers to Western Union as Money Transfer. The fees for Western Union withdrawals are as follows:
    • $100 – $249 Fee: $50
    • $250 – $499 Fee: $75
    • $500 – $999 Fee: $100
    • $1000 – $1499 Fee: $150
    • $1500 – $2000 Fee: $200

    MoneyGram is referred to in the cashier as Rapid Transfer. These fees are as follows:

    • $100 – $200 Fee: $20
    • $201 – $400 Fee: $30
    • $401 – $600 Fee: $45
    • $601 – $800 Fee: $60

    There is a $3,000 maximum on check withdrawals and wires have a $5,000 maximum. One check or bank wire can be requested free each month. Extra withdrawal requests have a $50 fee. Bank wires will also incur fees from intermediary banks, as well as the receiving bank. An intermediary bank may charge as much as $50, while the receiving bank will charge a fee of about $20.These figures are estimates and can vary depending on the number of banks and their individual charges.

    Western Union and Moneygram cashout typically take 12-72 hours and checks take about a week. Bank wires take longer and can take up to 4 weeks to process.

    Bodog: ( for Canadians)
    Bovada: (for Americans)

    Winning Poker Network
    There are 3 main sites on WPN , America's cardroom, Black chip poker and Truepoker. Players may opt to either take a flat rate rakeback of 27% or use the VIP scheme and may swap between the two options once in their career. At low rake levels the 27% rakeback is the best option however at higher rake levels (above $545 per month) the VIP scheme is more valuable to players . THe VIP program is based on a dealt basis and the rakeback is based on a contributed basis. Players on the rakeback scheme will have deductions from the rakeback to cover promotions , bonuses and 7$ of deposits to cover processing fees. The Vip scheme allows points to be cashed in .750 benefit points can be cashed for $10 while 1,000,000 points can be cashed in for $20,000 with intermediate levels.

    WPN run a promotion called "the beast" and it is being overhauled in April 2014. The beast will now be funded out of normal table rake rather than via an extra seperate rake as the funding was previously taking place.WPN players are able to take a 100% up to $1000 first deposit bonus. This bonus clears 55 points per $1 of bonus and every $1 of rake paid earns
    5.5 points so the bonus clears at $1 per $10 of rake paid and expires at 40 days.

    US players may deposit with credit card , Western Union and Moneygram. WPN cover any transaction fees associated with Western Union and Moneygram for deposits over $300. Rest of the world players also get neteller, skrill , Instadebit and Usebank as deposit and withdrawal options.US players may withdraw to Western Union and Moneygram and receive their funds in a couple of days. They are also able to request a debit card which works like an ATM card and their withdrawals are loaded onto the card. Checks via courier can also be requested.

    HUDs can be used on WPN and both pokertracker and Holdem manager now support the network.

    True poker :
    ACR: bonus code FTR1000


    The merge network has changed its business model in the last 12 months or so forcing many of the smaller skins who were offering high player rewards off the network and moving their players primarily to the premier skins Carbon , Aced and players only.New players in Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Utah, Washington State and Washington DC are not accepted. Existing players in these states may continue to play provided that they they signed up before the restriction was introduced.

    New players receive a 200% up to $5000 first deposit bonus which clears at 150vip points per $1 of bonus money and expires in 120 days or if a withdrawal is requested or a player makes a deposit to claim a new bonus.The bonus is released in $5 increments and is worth ~7% rakeback equivalent. Players may also make use of a monthly reload bonus which typically range between $350 and $500 and have similar clearance terms as the first deposit bonus.

    Rakeback was removed as an option last year and all players now take part in a VIP scheme. The vip scheme is worth between 10% and 35% equivalent rakeback. There is a SNG leaderboard that pays $25000 each month to players earning the most points split into 4 divisions and run twice each month.

    Withdrawals via check are free with a maximum amount of $2500 and typically arrive in two weeks. Multiple checks may be requested until the maximum has been requested. Players who deposit via Western Union may also withdraw by Western Union. Merge typically only accept Visa and Western Union for deposits.Most Visa credit cards will be declined and whilst some bank issued debit cards will also be declined some Visa Debit cards will work. Those players whose debit cards don't work will need to purchase an international debit card such as Green Dot or Netspend from their local drug store. These cards have a
    monthly fee that you should investgate before purchase.

    HUDs are allowed on Merge and multi tabling is possible.

    Carbon: Bonus code CARBONPK

    Chico Network
    This is a network to avoid. There are numerous stories of people have funds seized or not being able to cashout their winnings. Betonline is the major site but there are also paynorake and Action poker on the network .Play is meant to be soft simply because decent players don't put their funds at risk and stick to the safer sites.

    If you insist Betonline is probably the safest option out of a poor selection

    Bet online :

    Major sites available to US players are Juicy stakes and Pure poker. Pure poker was created as a home for former Lock poker players to play at when Lock left the network.The network was refinanced in october 2013 and players were then paid promptly rather than the delayed payments that were allegedly caused by lock poker. Intertops are also an option but unfortunately it is by invitation only.

    Traffic is suffering since the Lock debacle.There is a 100% upto 1000$ first deposit bonus which clears at 16.67 FPPS for every $1 in bonus.1FPP is earned per $1 in rake taken from the table and is on a dealt basis. The bonus is released in $5 increments and expires after 90 days. A vip scheme operates which offers initially gold chips, then bonuses and at hgher levels cash.Gold chips can be redeemed for tournament entries. Gold cards are awarded at cash games. For every $20 in rake taken at cash games one Gold card is drawn at random and released. The lower the value of the gold card the more likely it is to be drawn.

    Deposits can be made by Visa and Western Union.Visa cards are very often declined so Western Union is the best method to deposit.Withdrawals can be by Western Union or Check. Cashouts have a $1000 maximum and a $100 fee is charged for both methods and typically now take about a week to arrive.Rest of the world cashouts are processed in two days.

    Juicy: Bonus code 1000JUICY
    Broadway : Bonus code FTRLTP

    Equity Poker Network
    Full Flush poker is the Flagship brand on this new network and offer a 150% welcome bonus up to $600 and 10% reload bonus on all deposits over $50. The welcome bonus only applies to the first deposit on the network and not to first deposits to other skins on the network and applies to deposits over $25. 20 Player option points(POP) must be earned per $1 deposited and the bonus appears to be released when the total number of POP have been earned. Players have 45 days in which to earn the required POP.

    One one account per household is allowed. The standard rake charged is 5% with a $3 cap.For US deposits, prepaid debit cards for international purchases work best and domestic debit cards are likely to be declined. Western Union and Moneygram can also be used to deposit but will incur a fee at the shop. Full Flush will stand the fees for deposits over $250.

    pokerhost has moved from merge to EPN in the last few days ( early April 2014) which should help to increase traffic.

    currently a free hand converter has been released by notecaddy developer. Instructions are here

    Grand Poker Network

    The Grand Poker Network is the online poker network owned and operated by the 5Dimes group. Sites that connect to the Grand Poker Network include: 5Dimes, SportBet, Island Casino, and Vietbet. It should be noted that Vietbet uses a different cashier than 5Dimes, SportBet and Island Casino .

    The Grand Poker Network is the newest US friendly poker network available to American poker players. Its predecessor, "The Fish Pond" was using a different software package and wasn't heavily marketed. When the 5Dimes group ceased offering the Equity Poker Network, they no longer had the software to run The Fish Pond. Grand Poker Network was born in late 2014, on an entirely new software package.

    Lock Poker/superwins

    AVOID , cashouts are taking over a year with very few now being reported .

    Lock funds are trading at ~5 cents on the $1.
    Lock have now gone bust so its a moot point.

    Seals with Clubs.
    An innovative site using bitcoins as its currency. This gets around the deposit /withdrawal problems and processing difficulties that face the other sites but with bitcoins being volatile and exchanges going bust you swap one set of processing problems for another set.

    The site has a web client as well as downloadable clients for windows, macOS, linux and android. Cashouts are processed manually in about 12 hours.

    edit: seals with clubs shutdown feb/march 2015 . players could cash out funds and one of the people behind SWC is rumoured to be restarting with a new site. Reason for the shut down was vague but seemed to be about security fears.
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    Great post for US players that have been worried about playing poker after Black Friday. It seems they have some good options to at least get the itch scratched
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    Great post - thanks for putting this together!!
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    Great thread, but Intertop should be up there in the top 3 with Bovada and Winning Network for US cashout. There are still US players eligible since they were grandfather in from way back when they take US players.
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    intertops do not take new US players unless they are invited so they are not a general option for the public unless they know someone who can invite them to join.
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    I have been grinding on Bovada, Merge, and Winning networks. Those are the main sites I play and am considering starting to grind on Full Flush. Thanks for the article, good read. I agree with all of the info. Hoping unregulated states will follow suit soon so we can take part in Poker Stars, Ultimate Poker, Party Poker, and 888.
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    I'm glad this thread got bumped. Awesome contribution, Keith!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeroguy View Post
    Great thread, but Intertop should be up there in the top 3 with Bovada and Winning Network for US cashout. There are still US players eligible since they were grandfather in from way back when they take US players.
    Most U.S. players were corralled into Juicy Stakes, a skin of Intertops(Revolution Gaming Network). AllInPoker moved to Juicy Stakes, along with Colt and HiLife Poker moving to Juicy Stakes. The well known poker site Cake Poker, moved their U.S. players to Juicy Stakes in September of 2012.
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    I think it would be appropriate to update this when it comes to BetOnline (Chico). This network, indeed, had a horrible reputation and it kept me away from them myself. In the past several months, under new ownership, even the 2+2 community supports this site again and a lot of players have returned or signed up for the first time. The PokerScout screenshot that you posted is obviously extremely outdated at this point. If you look at the same list of games even right this moment, Chico is at all times right there with Merge and Bovada for traffic. Their 24 hour average is significantly higher than WPN at this point, too.

    I have absolutely no affiliation with Betonline or Chico. I am a US player who has money on Intertops, Full Flush, Betonline, and WPN. I just deposited on BetOnline this past weekend. So far, it has been fantastic as the traffic there is by far the best of the four networks I'm on. I can't play on Merge or Bovada (NY State) so BetOnline's 24 hour traffic is an almost necessity for someone in my position who's attempting to build a large roll from scratch.
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    Nice contribution Keith.
    I used to play at Seals with Clubs for bitcoins.
    The software they used was PokerMavens from BriggsSoft
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    This desperately needs to be updated. Things have changed quite a bit on the US front and some networks have even changed names.

    Bovada is now Ignition and remains at the #1 spot for total volume but not by much. WPN has become the clear best place to play poker for an American. It's also the most challenging. Behind it, the network to play on that's more recreational based is "Chico", under the main skin BetOnline. WPN and BetOnline are the two best poker networks for an American right now and for the well foreseeable future.

    As an aside, because that's all it is at this point: Intertops/Revolution has changed. The Revolution network is now the Horizon network. Although this is a great skin (Intertops) with great software, the best rakeback a US player can find (36%), and extremely soft games, there's just no traffic. It has a huge sportsbook and casino, with some trickle over in the poker rooms but just too little to justify putting money down on the place. I have a few hundred on here and I think I'm going to just withdraw it and put it on WPN or pocket it. The traffic is just at rock bottom levels and there's no possible way to sustain volume, table select, or really do anything but play sporadically.

    Equity (Full Flush) is dead. It went broke, didn't make payouts, and it's nonexistent now as far as I know. It certainly is NO place to deposit.

    Then there's Merge and the regulated state sites but once again, there's just major traffic issues on these sites and they're really not a viable alternative at all.

    The clear, two best places to play poker for an American are on WPN (Winning Poker Network) with the BlackChip Poker or America's Cardroom skin, and then "Chico" network with the BetOnline skin. That's all you need to look at and you're all set with volume, variety of games, tournaments, sit n go's, everything.
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    Global Poker is probably the biggest growing poker site in the US at the minute! Available statewide and you can deposit and withdraw legally via PayPal!

    They are giving away $1million over the next few weeks!

    There's more details in this Pokertube article:
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    Quote Originally Posted by didsdids View Post
    Global Poker is probably the biggest growing poker site in the US at the minute! Available statewide and you can deposit and withdraw legally via PayPal!

    They are giving away $1million over the next few weeks!

    There's more details in this Pokertube article:
    I saw a mention or two of this site on 2p2 a couple of weeks ago. Is it true that you can only deposit/withdraw via PayPal?
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    Is there anything new one should know? It's been awhile since this thread has been updated and I'm thinking of making a deposit. Would appreciate any guidance as to which site best amount to take advantage of bonuses etc.

    Thanks guys
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