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Please Stop Paying Off Loose-Passive Players

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    Default Please Stop Paying Off Loose-Passive Players


    I've seen so many players make this same mistake over the years that it's almost comical at this point. Hero has some medium-strength hand, some loose/passive player raises against Hero, and Hero calls down anyway to be faced with the inevitable strong hand that the loose/passive always seems to have there. What we want to do here is break down the situation in a way that will allow you to feel better about laying down hands in these types of scenarios against these types of players.

    Remember the following premise as you read along:

    A loose/passive player needs a strong hand to show aggression the vast majority of the time.

    Now let's get started.
    Link: Continue Reading
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    Thanks for the PSA. I do find myself making this mistake, but for the most part I know it's wrong before I do it, that counts for something right? The classic that comes to mind is villain small bet flop, small bet turn, then pot sized river bet.

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