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Overpair and my overwhelming gut feeling

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    Default Overpair and my overwhelming gut feeling

    NL Game 1-2-2
    UTG kill so, $20 minimum to play
    I know Villain has the tendency to chase flush and straight very often even without pot odds.

    Under the gun (deep stack) kills it with $10.
    5 players call $20 to play
    Small blind called, but big blind folded
    I am on the button with pocket 10
    My chips: $370
    Please do not use a lot of jargon/slang

    Flop comes 4spades 5spades 7hearts
    3 players check
    Villain bets $40

    I hate the board, but nobody seems to be protecting a strong hand like two pair or straight. I believe my overpair was good. I wanted to protect the $133 in the pot, so I bet $200

    3 players fold, then Villain raised all in

    Should I call $150 or fold?
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    Sounds like a really weird structure, with the size of the blinds effectively meaningless. Unless you’re all playing with at least $1k, this is essentially a crap shoot where I’d adopt a very simple strategy (assuming the rules of the game allow it). With our stack of $370 (i.e. a tiny 18bb), I’d basically be shoving it in pre with medium and big pairs and big aces and limping a bunch of suited aces, small pairs and suited connectors, along with broadways. Folding everything else. You can then bet all in when you flop top pair and strong draws.

    TT is an easy reraise all in spot pre flop here. As played, you have to get it in now but not too happy about it. I would strongly advise you to research the basic maths of poker though to help you out massively. Terms like pot odds and implied odds will help, plus you could look up advice on playing a short stack. To reiterate, $370 is a very short stack in a game of this structure.
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