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the odd turn bet made me call

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    Default the odd turn bet made me call

    $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Holdem
    8 Players
    Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter

    UTG ZconquistadorP ($2.32) 116bb
    UTG+1 Spellcuster ($0.87) 44bb
    MP1 nikolai218 ($2.19) 110bb
    MP2 RomanceA10 ($2.42) 121bb
    CO Hero ($2.48) 124bb
    BTN TarsBor ($2.27) 114bb
    SB podi303 ($1.93) 97bb
    BB Zuckiez ($1.80) 90bb

    Pre-Flop: (0.03, 8 players) Hero is CO
    1 fold, Spellcuster raises to $0.06, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.06, 2 folds, Zuckiez calls $0.04
    Flop: ($0.19, 3 players)

    Zuckiez checks, Spellcuster bets $0.10, Hero calls $0.10, Zuckiez calls $0.10

    Turn: ($0.49, 3)
    Zuckiez checks, Spellcuster bets $0.40, Hero calls $0.40, Zuckiez folds River: ($1.29, 2)

    Spellcuster bets $0.22, Hero calls $0.22

    Final Pot: $1.73
    Spellcuster shows two pair, Kings and Queens

    Hero shows two pair, Aces and Queens

    Hero wins $1.67 (net +$0.89)

    Zuckiez lost $0.16
    Spellcuster lost $0.78

    Villain UTG raises 3bb, I called in position, I kind of wanted to raise here but I didn't want to get 4-bet and deal with folding. Villain bets half-pot and I put his range on AK,AQ,AJ AA-TT. I think he has alot of Q in his range but I want to see another card maybe he gives up if he missed or I improve.On the turn an A comes and Villain bets pot. I found this very suspicious, why bet the pot if you just hit top pair? I had aces and queens in his range, at this point I had him on AK for top pair or AQ for top 2 but when he bet pot it made no sense it didnt seem like a value bet so i called , he bets light on river and I just call again .
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    You're calling 3x PRE regardless of Villain's range, but still.
    What's UTG+1's range to open PRE?
    Just guess. Always guess. You'll never know for sure what any villain's range truly is, no matter how good at it you are.
    What's the BB's range to call? Does the BB ever 3-bet? If so, we can cap his range as not including his 3-bet hands.

    OTF: You have a gutshot and an A-high 3-handed on a fairly wet board (the Q hits both villain's ranges, the T hits the BB's range, and the spades are out there).
    Your equity OTF vs. 2 opponents is ~15% (based off random guesses at 2nd villain's ranges). I don't like the call, here. You missed your flush draw and only 1 of your cards is an overcard to the board. Even when you hit your J, you can't love calling down OTR. You don't love calling down when the A hits the board, and you expect Villain to have AA, TT, AQ pretty often.

    Villain bets half-pot and I put his range on AK,AQ,AJ AA-TT. I think he has alot of Q in his range but I want to see another card maybe he gives up if he missed or I improve.
    There are TWO villains in this pot! What's the other villain's range?

    I know nothing, so a random guess is something like PRE.

    What does his check tell you OTF? How does his range change, here? Which hands would he bet. He didn't bet, so he doesn't have those hands.

    Then he calls behind. What does he fold here? That's no longer in his range. What might he raise here? That's no longer in his range.

    Their range gets smaller and smaller with every action they take (yours, too).
    Once you put them on a range PRE, you're just trimming it down.
    You can find any pattern you want to any level of precision you want, if you're prepared to ignore enough data.
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    Call pre is fine vs EP, a 3bet would be ok too but being 4bet is horrible. I'd rather 3bet AJo because it's not a problem to fold it pre, while I'll lean towards a call with AJs because it plays well post flop and we have position on EP raiser.

    Flop is an awkward spot. I don't want to fold this at half pot, it's too tight, but there's another guy behind us. We can get squeezed here and that would suck. If we're just heads up and closing the action, it's an easy call, but the guy behind us makes it difficult. It helps if we have reads on him. If he's aggressive, then just fold. If he's passive, calling is ok. Raising flop would be a little too optimistic regardless of the guy behind us.

    Turn, again, the guy behind us means we can't just raise this and put the short stack in. Calling is fine.

    River, just raise and put the dude in for his last 9c or whatever.

    Mojo is right, don't ignore the other guy. His range is important too.
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