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I haven't posted on here in years...

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    Default I haven't posted on here in years...

    I'm glad to see the site is still around and going strong. I used to post more during the 2012-2014 days. Back then, my options were more limited and I was struggling to beat 2 and 5nl. I play a lot of 25nl currently and am gearing up to start playing live 1/2 soon. Both the world and I are drastically different than we were a decade ago.

    Using a lot of gtowizard, power-equilab, videos, maths, etc. daily.
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    Still here, not sure about "going strong" though.
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    Nice to hear you're doing well.

    Not much going on here aside me and ong and a few others trying to save the world in the commune.
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    It's awesome to hear you're still going strong! Sounds like you've come a long way since those 2 and 5nl days, Props for leveling up and gearing up for live 1/2. Keep grinding with those tools, man!
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    I also haven't logged in for years, was here back when it first was getting started, 2005ish I think. Good to see it's still here!

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