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Flopping quads

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    Default Flopping quads

    So how would you extract the most from the villan?

    I'm playing $1/$2 this past week at a casino and playing fairly tight. My opening range was about top 10% and any pocket pair. I'm in the cutoff at a 9 handed table and get dealt 10-10. 3 players limp in, I raise to $10, SB calls all others fold; $28 in the pot.

    The SB is a LAG with better poker skills than me, and I put him on a range of 30%.

    Flop comes 10-10-6h. Woo hoo, quads.

    SB checks, I check. I don't want to chase him off the hand, and my table image is TAG. I'd prefer it look like I had medium pocket pair or some Broadway...anyway...

    Turn 2c. SB checks, I check. I really wanted an ace to hit for the SB to bet into me. Oh well.

    River is 9s. Finally the SB over bets the pot $50. I come over the top for $100. SB folds.

    Would you have bet differently?
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    I would probably just bet turn.
    Make river like $130-1$150, hate the min raise river line
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    Always a good feeling to flop quads , definitely check the flop you like did, you could bet very small on the turn but you don't want to chase him out, I like that you gave him 2 free cards because atleast you got that $50 out of him instead of nothing.
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    Depends on your image and reads of villain. As described, your line might be best. Make river bet larger.
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    Checking the flop is ok but I would bet the turn. You want to build a big pot and it's hard to do that on the river alone.

    Also, I agree with supdawg that the river raise should be bigger. If he can call $50 then he can probably call $80 to $100 too. In general it's better to bet/raise too much than too little on the river and min raise is definitely too little.
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    If hero was made a CBet post flop , SB could have folded?
    When is a good spot to make a Cbet?
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    If you had AJ+, KJ+ would you have bet the flop? If the answer is yes, then I would bet the flop, because if you check with pockets and bet the overcards it easy to read you.
    As regards this hand, I think you check is perfect because you want him to bet the pot. I would have bet the turn though, because what would you be betting the turn that didn't bet the flop? The answer is only 22, and your range is very wide here, so the bet on the turn looks bluffy. He might have floated thinking you have nothing
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    Yeah, gotta bet the turn.
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    We normally post hand histories in the SSNL forum and general questions in BC for the sake of organization.
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    Nice being IP for this hand, makes attempting to extract value alot easier. The flop check is good as he's now likely thinking you missed with overs and gives him a chance to bet into you on the turn. When he doesn't bet turn, you now have to start building a pot because if you don't and he checks river you basically have to bomb it to get any value. He will likely call/float the turn with most hands then either bet for the steal on the river or check in flow and you can size up a value bet (praying for the river check raise, where you can give him another pump).
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    Hey there Weissr... it's good to see you back on the boards! I started posting here about a year ago and haven't seen you around, but hope you're a regular poster here going forward.

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    Hey Dhubermex, hopefully activity picks up a little bit on the boards (but not too much, as many other boards are completely overrun with nonsense). I used to post here a while ago but it became so dead I kinda gave up. I noticed when you took over from Pascal some time ago and certainly wish you all the best as the new Forum manager! (although you have been for a while now). Hopefully FTR can add some more value-added games into the mix like back in the golden days! I look forward to seeing how the site evolves.

    Best Regards,
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    As others have said, checking flop is fine but definitely bet turn. The only way a lot of money is getting in on the river is if someone rivers a boat or something, and if they have a pair they will likely call your turn bet anyhow (after flop action).
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