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Check my thoughts

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    Default Check my thoughts

    Ok, guys...I'm finally making a return to the virtual felt. Been a long time since black Friday, so please be kind if this hand is, well, meh.....although I've played a several weekends at the casinos in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Since it's been soooo long, I'd like a check on my thought processes. Is there something I'm missing? Should I be taking a different line? Has the game changed so much since 2011 that I'm all out of whack? Am I just drunk and need to call it a night? Should I just cash out and stick to live games and rum and coke?

    I've only got 37 hands on the villain (MP2) by this time. He's running 38/24/4 and he's shown two bluffs in those. A pf 3b with 72s that took the pot with a c-bet on a missed flop; and a 98s with a three barrel bluff: 1/2 pot otf and turn and a psb on the river with a really wet board. His opponent folded and he showed a total bluff.
    Because he's such a ****, I really don't think he's using a HUD or taking notes but I've been kind of loose/aggro these 40-ish hands @ 23/17/4. BTW, his sd stats are 45wwsf/18wtsd/50wsd. Even though he's got a 204bb stack, I still don't give him a lot of credit because from what I've seen he could have gotten stacked pf by AA and sucked out on the T and R before I sat at the table.

    Winning Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (9 handed) - Converted at

    CO ($11.80)
    Hero (Button) ($10.80)
    SB ($10.81)
    BB ($10)
    UTG ($5.32)
    UTG+1 ($11.66)
    MP1 ($10)
    MP2 ($20.42)
    MP3 ($10.30)

    Preflop: Hero is Button with 10, A
    2 folds, MP1 raises $0.22, MP2 calls $0.22, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.22, 1 fold, BB calls $0.12
    Seems like a perfect spot for a squeeze, but since I don't have enough hands on MP1 (17 hands @ 35/0/1 and a blank f3b) to know with any degree of certainty how he'll react to a 9.5bb 3b and the villain didn't fold to the only 3b I've seen him face, I just call.

    Flop: ($0.93) 6, Q, 3 (4 players)
    BB checks, MP1 checks, MP2 bets $0.66, Hero calls $0.66, 2 folds
    I call here due to his previous bluffs and the incredible implied odds if the flush comes in on the T or R and I can get my stack in.

    Turn: ($2.25) K (2 players)
    MP2 checks

    I was expecting him to lead out with a 1/2 to 3/4 psb and his check tilts me...I'm thinking if I bet 1/2p or so (1.20) he might c/r to around 3.50 or so and I'd have to toss my hand. Or if I check behind and he leads the river for a psb on a blank then I'd have to muck Or he's planning a c'r otr....(ok, probably not that one since he's playin like such a dipshit) but still...I'm seeing monsters under the bed.

    Do I get more +EV from checking behind and folding to a river bet on a blank; checking behind and a psb to his river check (followed by a fold to his raise unless I nut the flush or straight); or by tossing out a 3/4 psb otf and trying to take it now?

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    So he has bluffed a c-bet and then he has barrelled three streets with a bluff and he then decides to not bet and you think you should bet against him with what is essentially the best hand you have bar AQ/KQ/AsJs?

    You check then if you hit you bet, if you don't hit you fold or check behind because you have showdown value if he's bluffing (river dependant obviously). The only time you ever need to sigh is if he bets small on a blank river.

    Also you probably should think about your attitude towards other players you are there to make money off them so instead of calling someone a **** which is essentially just tilt on your part (and why you want to do strange things with this hand rather than just play it straight forward) think about what you can do to make money off him.


    Very few people post about poker so you probably won't get all that much discussion and I suck & haven't played since 2015(?) so I wouldn't listen to me.
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    I 3bet preflop all day, good squeeze spot and we put extra pressure on MP1 because MP2 is behind, so he can only continue with top 10% of hands if that.

    Flop's good, turn check is good, and I would consider calling some rivers even if you miss (K, Q, 9, 8) since he has a bunch of missed draws.
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    I'd probably flat this pre for the same reason as shotty, however I'd be raising this flop. I'm certainly raising a set, and if I'm not raising this, then I'm very face up when I do raise this spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OngBonga View Post
    I'd probably flat this pre for the same reason as shotty, however I'd be raising this flop. I'm certainly raising a set, and if I'm not raising this, then I'm very face up when I do raise this spot.
    Losing so much value by isolating the person who bets when there are two people to act behind you.

    Also you basically only ever have 33, 66, draws, pocket pairs up to JJ and weak made pairs like 56s and trash so you'd be better off raising your sets and a few good absolute trash draws.

    But against a guy we know barrels trash who is then checking and we will probably play <300 hands against in our lifetimes we don't need to worry too much. Just realise all our equity and stack multiple people when we hit.

    Against regs it's slightly different.
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