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Can someone look at this hand and tell me if this is spew or logical play by OP?

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    Default Can someone look at this hand and tell me if this is spew or logical play by OP?

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    It would be spew at your games, but at his? He's live, full stacked, he plans to shove the river with ace high which puts Jx is a horrible spot, I can see this line making money unless villain is actually calling top pair to a river shove. On the flop, hero will fold out a decent chunk of villain's range, and the turn improves hero's equity so is a good card to bet and set up a river shove. This balances out hero's range, allowing him to play his nuts hands aggressively. Is balance something he needs to think about at his stakes in live games? I really don't know, but it's not important at 2nl online. I still try to think about balance ta low stakes, but it doesn't dominate my thought process.

    Don't do this at 2nl. Is it spew? No, I don't think so, but to be making these moves you need to have a very good idea what villain's range is, and how much of his range he needs to fold for it to make money. I'm not great at that in the time I have to make a decision, but I assume he needs to be folding at least some Jx, and at 2nl people probably aren't folding top pair.
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    Thank you for replying I agree with you about 2NL lmao People will call with top pair like it’s the holy grail.I might sign up at that polercoaching website I think they make LAG players though ,The range analyzer tools seem very useful in using to understand ranges very well. I need to learn that stuff the premium membership is expensive though jeez
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    This guy keeps saying In the post he has the nut advantage, so he must be referring to flopping two pairs and sets from his position at the table given his line of play? Does villain get range advantage on this board when it’s J high? Because villain is preflop aggressor he is more likely to hold big cards but from late position raise not always the case right?

    When hero decides to bluff the river does he have to think about minimum defence frequencies?

    So if he goes all in ..


    If villain folds more than 38% of his range on the river all in we are +EV?
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    It's hard to follow the hand history, IMO.

    He's defending his play to the hilt, and it's based on his population reads for his game... so I'm ignorant to counter that, and I wont.

    It can be profitable against the right villain, or population of villains, but it's probably not profitable in 2NL online.

    Live play vs. online play has so many differences that you really can't treat the bottom stakes in both as apples to apples.
    The population tendencies are vastly different. A) people are sitting on probably over $100 real world dollars of their own money, B) the pace of the game is glacial, and C) you can see everyone's face and body language all the time.

    There is just so much more time and info to work with in live games, and it's far more likely that villains will be afraid of losing their stack to a bad play than they would be if they had $2 at risk.
    You can find any pattern you want to any level of precision you want, if you're prepared to ignore enough data.

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