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4 basic questions

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    Question 4 basic questions

    I just joined this forum and posted a short introduction in the new member forum. In my post I stated the following: I've been playing live limit hold'em on a regular basis since 1984 and played professionally from 1989 to 2008. Due to circumstances, I now only have easy access to live $1/2 no-limit holdem games. I joined this forum to help with my transition from live limit games to live $1/2 no-limit games.

    I have 4 questions, on which I would really appreciate feedback. My questions are in regards to live $1/2 games and under the assumption that I play reasonably well:

    (1) Is it possible to beat this game with an $8 rake (10% of the pot up to $8 max.)?

    (2) What average hourly rate can you expect?

    (3) When you are in the small blind, assuming there is no raise and assuming all have not folded to you, should you always call?

    (4) In your opinion, what is the best book regarding $1/2 live no-limit games?

    Thank you for your time.
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    1) $5 rake plus $2 for promotion is pretty standard. $8 of just straight rake is arguably a better structure for 1/2NL because all the money you save raking $2 on $20-29 pots probably makes up for that extra $1 your rake in 40bb+ pots.

    2) $20/hr is probably crushing. I wouldn't expect to crush, so I don't know, like minimum wage? 1/2NL is a great place to learn the game, but long-term, you need a plan for how to build your bankroll (eg: have a day job so all winnings can stay toward your bankroll).

    3) No, a big part of your transition to big bet games is going to be relying less on pot odds and relying more on things like implied odds, reverse implied odds, equity realization, etc. Basically, it cost a lot of money to make it to showdown in NLHE especially OOP in multi-way pots, so you need hands that can withstand pressure and/or can win big pots.

    4) Theory and Practice is fundamental. As far as practical how-to guides on beating a certain game, I'm pretty skeptical of those sorts of books.

    I notice you've posted on LLSNL. Best advice i can say is to take everything you read there with a ginormous grain of salt. One of the worst poker forums (almost certainly the worst sub on 2p2). I guess my advice there is to not give people with a lot of posts the benefit of the doubt, regardless of how self-assured they seem. Post counts in LLSNL are like bars in Halo: if you've played that much and haven't improved your rank, that's more of a slight against you than an endorsement of your skill.

    It might not even hurt to read HHs in MSSNL alongside ones from LLSNL as a sort of sanity check.
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    Thanks for your advice survival316, I greatly appreciate it. I ended up posting on LLSNL because I had not had any replies on this forum. Anyway, thank you for your tip in regards to replies I may get.

    I also posted regarding raising with AA when first in. From what I gather, it makes sense to raise all of your stronger hands the same amount. The amount of the raise I feel should be sufficient to get no more than 2 callers in your game. Do you agree?
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    You have to balance out exploiting droolers with not making yourself too exploitable. Obviously opening 10x pot is super exploitable, but with the level of play and the rake in these cash games it can often be the best sizing... but be aware that it could potentially be a huge mistake and why.

    Live poker is not a great proofing ground because it takes a long ass time to get the sample size you need to know you're being profitable. If you can beat 100NL online for 2bb/100, you can probably beat live 1/2 for 20bb/100, but then you're playing about 20 hands an hour*, so in 5 hours you can expect to make $40. Subtract gas money drinks and tips and you're lucky to break even.
    *just for easy math. Count the number of hands you play. It's a useful thing to know.
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    Your opening sizes should be based on information that is overt... # of limpers, position, stack sizes, tendancies of villains etc, and not based on information you wish to protect, such as the actual strength of your hand.
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